Tomato – or chicken?

Yesterday, I picked the latest ripe tomatoes in my garden.  Several have the samChicken Tomatoe problem as others — spots and blossom end rot and a few odd shaped ones. This time, however, I think I got one that’s a little different.  I’m wondering if the chickens got into the garden but since we don’t have any that’s not the case.  This one does not seem as much a tomato as it resembles a baby chicken – with an eye, a (broken) wing, and even a small beak!  If there was a way to preserve this as is I’d probably do it.  Is it slaughter if I chop off the head of the chick?  Do we let this one survive only to rot?  Do I let it loose? It can’t run far! I think we’ll try to keep it a bit longer but it will most likely find the same fate as the other tomatoes.  Maybe it would sell on E-Bay!