Weight No More!

Weight No More! Those are the words on the front of the new brochure for the Rutland Fitness Center. We want to attract a bunch of losers to the Center, so Val Pherson of Rutland, who is a sophomore in graphic design at Dakota State University in Madison, South Dakota, designed the brochure. We think it’s a cleverly informational piece of work. Paying for design like this out in the market place would have cost us money we don’t have and Val has done us a big favor by designing this brochure for us. She figures it’s a win/win deal as she gets some practice in her chosen profession and something for her portfolio to impress future employers. Everybody wins. Now, that’s how we like to see things done.

One thought on “Weight No More!

  1. This article and pamphlet is just beautiful! What? An individual membership that works out to $10 per month?? And family memberships just as cheap…affordable! You are a gift to your community! I’d just love to come over and practice dancing with you, too. God bless your efforts. Do keep up the good work for community, for limiting the confines of poverty and developing leadership!!
    Dale A. Swenson-journalistdale from mckenzie.communityblogs.us/

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