Horizons Funds Available

The Rutland Community received $8,500 for successfully completing the Horizons Project. This money is available to help us work on the goals chosen at the Community Forum regarding advertising, recreation, housing and a hiking/biking trail. The goals – and vision – were formulated and are shown in the post on Rutland’s Vision.

We are soliciting community input on how to use the funds. Suggestion boxes are in the Rutland Cafe and the Rutland General Store. Comments can also be left here and they will be posted for more of a forum for input and community discussion.  Suggestions are being accepted until October 30. The Horizon Steering Committee plans to meet and make a final decision based on these suggestions. The meeting date has not yet been determined.

It’s not too late to get your voice heard. Maybe there are other ideas that are not on the vision or goals list. Get your comments, ideas and suggestions in.  Many other things fall under the categories of recreation – like a library which we don’t have in Rutland — or a regular ‘gym night’ in the Hall or whatever! The Steering Committee will review and consider all suggestions.  Start now!

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