Kids Helping Other Kids

Church School at Nordland Lutheran Church was a little different on Wednesday. I walked in to a room full of shoeboxes, stuffed animals, bags of candy, toys, pencils, notebooks, toothbrushes, toothpaste and lots of other things.  Hilary, one of the teachers, was talking to the children about other children who have no toys or even toothbrushes to brush their teeth.  When asked if they would like to help children like that, there was a resounding enthusiastic “Yes!”.

Everyone in the Sunday School had a special job to do whether it was putting a variety of hard candy in plastic bags, or placing little toys or other things in the shoeboxes.  The children puzzled over what would be appropriate for the different age levels of children they were giving to and there was constant chatter and laughter.  The shoeboxes were gaily wrapped in Christmas paper & labeled with gender and age of child.

The project these children were helping with is called “Operation Christmas Child”.   These shoeboxes, filled with small toys and personal items that we all take for granted, will be delivered to children in third world countries who will cherish these gifts.  The children also placed pictures, of themselves and other people who had made donations, in the boxes so the recipients could see who sent them.

This seemed like a wonderful learning experience for these children.  They are already talking about what the shoeboxes will be filled with next year. [Carolyn Christensen]

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