The Battery

The BatteryLeif Sundlie and Arthur “Rusty” Silseth were in town on Memorial Day, 2010, in Rutland.   Leif & Rusty were the principal pitcher and catcher, the battery, on the Rutland Roosters Baseball teams that dominated baseball in this area in the years following World War II.  The picture was taken by Leif’s son, Robert Sundlie of Troy, Ohio.  Leif has been inducted into the North Dakota Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame for his pitching prowess.  He set a record for strikeouts in a single North Dakota State Tournament game, 22, during one of the Roosters’ many appearances in the State’s baseball classic, but that is only one of his many achievements on the diamond.  Leif and Rusty worked very well together, and Rusty gave opposing batters the jitters with his constant stream of razzing chatter behind the plate, setting them up for a called strike or a missed swing as Leif worked his magic with the ball.  Those were the days, when “Take Me Out To The Ballpark” was almost as much the national anthem as “The Star Spangled Banner.” [This trip down memory lane is courtesy of Bill Anderson]

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