Ghost Chasers

The annual Entertainment Unlimited Children’s Summer Theater production provided another round of very entertaining theater.  “The Great Ghost Chase” was presented August 3, 4 & 5, to rave reviews.

I took the opportunity to attend all three shows this year. For the dress rehearsal, open to Senior Citizens, I was a “backstage Mom.” I got to follow the script and help nudge the kids onstage – we did miss one cue but it was great to see the kids do so well — even with missed lines, only the director and the players could tell.

The second night brought a large crowd of parents, grandparents and other visitors. It seemed the final night had the largest number of audience members in attendance and it was really fun to see them all improvising on the last performance.

“The Great Ghost Chase” was written by Tim Kelly and produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service Inc. The cast of characters for “The Great Ghost Chase” were: Jayden H. as the Zombie (and the Poltergeist); Tatum W. as Miss Pierce (the nurse); Hailey H. as Harriet Hollyhock; Tia G. as the Cabdriver; Tracy H. as Madam Mysteria; Ethan H. as Dr. Roy; Jacob M. as Sergeant Ruff; Kaleb S. as the Orderly; Emma H. as the Cleaning Woman; Jacob N. as Honcho; Aaliyah G. as Constance Bulonia, the Realtor; Evan H. as Jimmy Valentine; Kael M. as Elmer; Emma G. as Dorothy (and Betty); Josephine N. as Peggy (and Miss Lemming); Emily H. as Joan Carter (the bride); Josephine H. as Joy (the real nurse); Kian M. as Horace; Edwin H. as Wally Allen;  Hannah S. as Pvt Waite; Tyler B. as Pvt. Howard; Kyle M. as Detective Pepperday;  Sabrina H. as Lydia Snoop; and Thomas M. as George. 

Kudos to every one of the performers in the program. My favorite (other than my son), was Tracy Haussler as Madame Mysteria. Her performance will be remembered by everyone for years to come.

This project was supported in part by a grant from the ND Council on the Arts, which receives funding from the state legislature and the NEA.

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