Youth Day

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On Sunday, the Rutland Sportsman’s Club held its annual Youth Day at the John Narum Rifle Range by Silver Lake.  Over 200 area youth and their families attended the event to take part in activities – shooting bow, BB guns and .22 at various stations and also line casting.  As usual, it was a perfect Sunday for the kids.  Hot dogs, popcorn, pop and grilled corn on the cob kept everyone fed.  The highlight of the day (beside all the prizes awarded to about 40 kids), was the exhibition shooting by Tom Knapp – “The Shooting Star.”  Kids and experienced hunters alike were wowed by the trick shots and amazed at his shooting skills.  He started by throwing and shooting apples, oranges and potatoes in the air.  Then he moved to briquettes and even a one-inch square billiard chalk cube.  There was, of course, the sales pitch for Americase and Federal Premium ammunition and also comments about safety, responsibility and good sportsmanship during the presentation. Knapp finished the program with a salute to the military with the red, white and blue and the big finale.  It was another fantastic day near Rutland.

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