When I was younger, I remember going with my grandparents to many fall Catholic Church booya festivals where hundreds would attend.  Booya was made in several large pots – generally about 50 gallons each  – and there would be beef, chicken and pork cooked in the broth.  Vegetables were added, usually carrots, potatoes, and celery along with a variety of seasonings.  Generally booya takes several days to prepare to get it ‘just right’ before the soup (or stew) was served in bowls.  Those were always fun festivals and Church fundraisers.  Of course, they always included games for the kids and adults too which made it all the merrier.

Seafood BoilThe Coteau des Prairies Lodge is hosting a Seafood Boil on Sunday which sounds a lot like an old fashioned booya but they have an added twist (and no bowls!).  The Seafood boil starts with cooking the vegetables and then adding sausage and seafood (and maybe other meat) to the kettle.  When the meal is ready, they simply dump it down the middle of the table and voila’ it becomes finger food!  Sounds like a great time and fun for everyone.

More information can be found at The Lodge website.  Hurry because there is only a limited amount of space available for the Seafood Boil.

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