UffdaSignThe 34th Annual Uffda Day is in the history books. The month is ending and it seems that the busy Sunday was a long time ago. Despite the forecast for rain and the cool weather, this year’s event was very well-attended. The Rutland Community Club is still evaluating the activities of the day, the information booth location, vendor spaces and other items to see where things need to be changed for next year. Yes, planning goes on all year long for Uffda Day. Thanks to everyone in the community who put in long hours for the weeks and months before and all throughout the day. A large thank you to everyone who attended the event. We must admit that there were a few more out-of-town guests participating in the Uffda Day Parade this election year. Take a glimpse at some photos taken during the day. Maybe you will find yourself in the picture(s).  If not, you better come back next year for another photo op!  Uffda Day 2018 in pictures is fun to see!

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