Rutland Zoning Progress

After several meetings of the Rutland Zoning Board and the Renaissance Zone Committee, drafts of a revised Zoning Ordinance and a Comprehensive Plan will be presented for public comment.  On Monday, March 31, a public hearing will be held at 7:00 p.m. in Rutland City Hall to solicit input.  Comments and any suggested changes will be incorporated into the two documents for formal approval by the City Council on Monday, April 7.  Following formal approval, members of the Committee will prepare the State application to designate a Renaissance Zone to provide tax exemptions and credits to encourage investment in residential and commercial properties that need to be revitalized and redeveloped to attract businesses and residents.

Rutland Zoning Boards Meet

Members of the Renaissance Zoning Board, the Rutland Zoning Board and members of Action Plan committees met at 7:00 on Wednesday, January 30, at the Parish Hall of Nordland Lutheran Church. Irv Rustad of Lake Agassiz walked us through our Community Strategic Plan and helped us update language and content. He also explained Rutland’s official zoning ordinance and what the various terminology means. He emphasized that this will be an important tool as we go through the zoning process and strongly encouraged us to become familiar with its content. There was good discussion and Irv was very good at explaining all the unfamiliar language, as well as encouraging us to take a hard look at what we want for our city. Our next step is to take a city map and identify every building and vacant lot on it and the owners of these buildings and lots. We will meet with Irv again on Wednesday, February 20, at 6:00 pm at the Rutland General Store to report on and discuss the progress we’ve made, as well as to see what our next step should be. It is exciting to finally get a good start on our goal of establishing a Renaissance Zone. Without the cooperation of the City Council and the willingness of people to serve on the Renaissance Board, we wouldn’t be able to get anything accomplished. Thank you to all of you who are working so hard with us to make this happen.

New Zoning Board Appointed

Carolyn Christensen and Diane Smith met with the City Council on January 7 to recommend nominations for a new City Zoning Board. Ronnie Narum, Mayor; Bill Anderson, City Attorney; Mike Kulzer, extra territorial member; Shannon Mehrer and Gretchen Vann have been approved and will take as their mission an evaluation of current city zones and recommend possible changes. Our commercial district currently is limited and we are hoping the Board will be able to come up with a plan that will enable us to expand it.

Renaissance Zoning Board Established

The Rutland City Council, on Monday, January 7, approved the recommendations of Diane Smith and Carolyn Christensen for the Rutland Renaissance Zoning Board. We’re happy to have Lori McLaen, Rachel Olson, Shannon Mehrer, Larry Christensen, Deborah Banish, Norbert Kulzer and John Harris on the Renaissance Zoning Board. Diane Smith will be a non-voting ex officio member. She will deal with the administrative and promotional duties.