Hens Do Crow – March 8, 2019

By Deborah Banish

Paul Anderson departed Rutland on Thursday, February 28, bound for Fargo to catch a flight out to Seattle WA to pay a visit to his new grandson, Rhys (pronounced Reese) August Elfering. Rhys is the son of Paul’s daughter, Katie, and her husband, Josh Elfering. He was born on Thursday, February 14, and, according to Paul, he is already making noise, sleeping, eating and performing his other duties like a pro. Paul expects to be back in Rutland by Thursday, March 7.

Roger & Sharon Pearson returned to their home here on the evening of Thursday, February 28, following a month-long vacation in the Mesa AZ area. Roger & Sharon were the guests of their daughter and son-in-law, Brenda & Roger Gibbon, from February 1 through the 28th. Father and daughter attended the Sargent County Breakfast at The Golden Corral in Mesa on Monday, February 11, and enjoyed getting together with old friends from home. Roger reports that the weather in Mesa was cooler than normal, but quite a bit warmer than the sub-zero temperatures they left behind in Rutland. Roger states that they were sure happy to find that there was still plenty of Winter to enjoy when they got back home.

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City Auditor Retires

The City Council hosted a farewell social on Tuesday for Doris Hoistad who is retiring on June 1 after twenty-six years as Rutland City Auditor. Several community members, family, and friends stopped by the Rutland General Store to see Doris and wish her well. Doris and her husband Quentin still reside on their farm West of Rutland. Congratulations to Doris and best wishes on her retirement.  She will be missed at the monthly City meetings and it will be difficult to find a replacement!

Home Rule Charter

Rutland is considering adoption of a Home Rule Charter.  Copies of the draft prepared by the Home Rule Charter Committee were delivered to Rutland residents on Monday, April 26.  Committee members Paul Anderson, Gretchen Vann, Larry Christensen, Bertha Siemieniewski and Calvin Jacobson, delivered the documents to every household in town, fulfilling the public notice requirement of North Dakota’s Home Rule statute.  A Public hearing is scheduled for 7:00 on the evening of Tuesday, May 11, at which Rutland citizens will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the pros and cons of the proposed new Charter for a new century.  The public hearing will be held in the Rutland Town Hall.

Mayor Honored

Narum AwardRutland should be proud to learn that our Mayor was honored at the North Dakota League of Cities Annual Conference as the “Outstanding City Official for 2008.”  Ron Narum has served as our Mayor for 36 years.  During his tenure, the city streets have been resurfaced, additions were made to City Hall, and the sewer system was renovated and the lagoons were rebuilt.   Ron was one of the founders of the Rutland Museum and serves as the caretaker of the museum, pioneer house and country school exhibits for 20 years.

Ron has been chief of the volunteer fire department and served on the board of the fire protection district. He is chairman of the county jobs development authority, a member of the county weed control board and president of the county historical society.  He has served on the boards of the Rutland Community Club, the Rutland Community Development Corporation, Rutland Community Housing, the Lake Agassiz Water Authority and the North Dakota League of Cities. Prior to becoming mayor, Ron served as a city council member.   

After receiving this award, Ron Narum said, “Well, this is a surprise. But, it isn’t just all my work…it isn’t just me…the community makes everything happen. And the community really appreciates when you can do even small things for them.”

Congratulations to Ron!

Election Results

The election results were announced last week and Rutland has some newly elected officials.  There was a contested race for City Council with four residents vying for two seats — something that had not occurred for years!  Lary Arneson was re-elected and Bertha Siemieniewski was newly elected to the Council.  Mayor Narum ran unopposed.  The Park Board race resulted in one new member, Jeff Olson, and Diane Pherson was re-elected.  I am looking forward to hearing what the new members, and re-elected officials, have planned for the future of Rutland!

Zoning Changes

Members of the Zoning Committee, City Council and Renaissance Zone Committee attended the public hearing on the Rutland Comprehensive Plan and proposed Zoning Code changes.  We met for about one hour to review the proposed changes to the two documents and agreed upon a final version of each that will be presented to the Rutland City Council on Monday, April 7, for final approval.  Diane Smith and I will attend the Council meeting, which begins at 5:00 p.m., to present the documents to the Council and to address any questions that may arise at the meeting.  Once the Council approves the document, Renaissance Zone Committee members will work on the State application to designate Rutland a Renaissance Zone.