Rutland Trivia

This year’s Rutland Block Party included a trivia contest about Rutland. Three teams competed to answer the following questions. The Team of Norbert Kulzer, Pam Maloney, and Lori McLaen, won with 9 points! Test your knowledge about Rutland. Answers are at the end. How did you do?

1.   What was the original name of the town of Rutland?

2.   Number of pieces of lefse made for the 2018 Uffda Day Celebration?

3.   How many pounds was the World largest flipped hamburger and during what year was it made?

4.   How many single family houses are there in Rutland?

5.   What was the year of the last graduating class in Rutland?

6.   How many post office boxes are there in the Rutland Post office?

7.   What township is Rutland in?

8.   How long has Ronald Narum been mayor?

9.   What are the ingredients in scalloped potatoes?

10. In 1949 a pitcher for the Rutland Roosters amateur baseball team set a record for strikeouts in a single game in the ND state Baseball tournament. Who was the pitcher AND how many strikeouts did he throw?

11. What year according to the census (20s 30s 40s 50s etc) did Rutland have the highest population?

12.  To the nearest hundred thousand how many hundred thousand gallons of fuel did Herby sell at Rutland oil in 2018?

13.  What was the name of Benard Mahrer Construction Inc. before it was incorporated in 1979?


  1. Stewart
  2. 3,500 pieces;
  3. 3,591 lbs in 1982 – give yourself two points if you got them both right!;
  4. 86 single-family homes;
  5. 1963 was the last graduating class;
  6. 171 PO boxes;
  7. Trick question! Rutland is in two townships – Ransom and Rutland;
  8. Ronnie Narum has been Mayor for 47 years;
  9. Ingredients for scallop potatoes are potatoes, cream, onion and ham (some argue a bit of water or a dash of salt but NO);
  10. Leif Sundlie had 20 strikeouts (and the record still holds). Two points.
  11. In 1950 Rutland had its highest population of 309 residents;
  12. Rutland Oil sold 800,000 gallons of fuel in 2018. As of this June, Rutland Oil will have been in the Donaldson Family for 3 generations and 2019 is the 100th year in business!
  13. Bernard Mahrer Construction was originally called C & B Construction – C & B stood for Chuck and Bernie, brothers who started in the business in the 50s.

Let us know how well you did on the trivia!

Rutland Fun Night

By Katie McLaen

It was a wonderful night in Rutland last night, June 6, 2019. The Rutland Block party of 2019 was a huge success. Jordon Peplinski was crowned as Miss. Rutland. The Rutland royalty continues with Brody Mahrer being crowned Mr. Lefse and Lucy Mahrer being crowned Miss Lefse. Over 800 water balloons were used and there are plans to cross the 1,000 threshold next year! Many volunteers made this event possible! Thank you to all!

Hens Do Crow – March 15, 2019

By Deborah Banish

After being postponed by bad weather on February 24, the Rutland Community Club Family Fun Night was not going to be defeated by the latest snowfall. Fun Night on March 10th drew a large crowd of kids, parents, grandparents and Rutland residents for the annual festival. Katie McLaen and Morgan Peterson spearheaded the event with the help of a crew to run the games and serve the free-will spaghetti feed. The kids took their chances playing bean bag toss, putt-putt golf, fish pond, kerplunk and plinko to win tickets to enter for prizes or play the cakewalk, fishing booth or claw machine or just get some good old-fashioned cotton candy. It takes volunteers to pull off events and the workers included Bonnie Anderson, Tyler Banish, Marcia Brakke, Carolyn Christensen, Abbie Erickson, Lori McLaen, Sara Pavik, Ione Pherson, and Bert Siemieniewski. Larry Christensen and Hal Nelson operated the bingo games: Tony Banish won the first bingo and Yvonne Johnson won the blackout. All the kids went away with lots of goodies and prizes; the coveted iTunes gift card winner was Eli Olson. Katie will make a report on the event at the next Rutland Community Club meeting.

The March Sargent County Breakfast was held on Monday, March 11 at the Golden Corral in Mesa and Curt Larson submitted a report: This month was our largest attendance of the winter season. The following were present: Charles Anderson & Patty Boehm; Al Ciota & Clarice Ordahl; Jim & Kathryn Gaukler; Carolyn Hopewell; Curt & Renee Larson; Duane & Sharon Lock; David & Lavonne Nelson; Orvis & Alphie Pearson; Pat Prindiville; Clarice Renschler; Kenny & Faye Waloch; Gwen Young; Harold Young. Guests: Dorn Crandall; Carol Kramer, daughter of Clarice Renschler; Carlie Jelacie, daughter of Carol Kramer. Many will be going back to North Dakota in the next few weeks. This is my last meeting for the season, as Renee and I are leaving on April 2 for Orlando, Florida first before driving back to Forman. We are hoping the snow will be melting before our arrival during Holy Week. That’s all from sunny Arizona and remember…keep smiling; people will be wondering what you’re up to. Curt Larson

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Hens Do Crow – March 8, 2019

By Deborah Banish

Paul Anderson departed Rutland on Thursday, February 28, bound for Fargo to catch a flight out to Seattle WA to pay a visit to his new grandson, Rhys (pronounced Reese) August Elfering. Rhys is the son of Paul’s daughter, Katie, and her husband, Josh Elfering. He was born on Thursday, February 14, and, according to Paul, he is already making noise, sleeping, eating and performing his other duties like a pro. Paul expects to be back in Rutland by Thursday, March 7.

Roger & Sharon Pearson returned to their home here on the evening of Thursday, February 28, following a month-long vacation in the Mesa AZ area. Roger & Sharon were the guests of their daughter and son-in-law, Brenda & Roger Gibbon, from February 1 through the 28th. Father and daughter attended the Sargent County Breakfast at The Golden Corral in Mesa on Monday, February 11, and enjoyed getting together with old friends from home. Roger reports that the weather in Mesa was cooler than normal, but quite a bit warmer than the sub-zero temperatures they left behind in Rutland. Roger states that they were sure happy to find that there was still plenty of Winter to enjoy when they got back home.

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Santa Claus Day

Congratulations to the Rutland Community Club which sponsored another successful Santa Day on Saturday.  The sun was shining brightly on the town.  The kids headed to the Bank Building for some holiday cartoons while the adults stopped in at the Rutland Senior Center.  At the Center, the Rutland Raiders 4-H group held a bake sale and the Seniors sponsored a BBQ lunch. Bingo games were called by Paul Anderson, RCC President, with the  prize of $5 in Rutland Bucks for each winner.

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Santa Claus stopped in the Hall and the kids were ecstatic to see him.  A few took the opportunity to have a friendly chat and get in their Christmas wish list while Santa was in town.

Following Santa’s visit, the annual turkey raffle was held and thirty-eight turkeys were awarded to lucky registrants. The turkeys were donated by Rutland residents and area businesses.  (For a full list of winners and the donors, check out The Rooster Crows of December 16).

Pinochle Tourney

Pinochle TourneyLast Saturday, February 5, Rutland hosted the 16th Annual Anderson Family Pinochle Tournament.  Sixty teams made it into town and spent the day in the Rutland Town Hall playing in the Partners Pinochle Tourney.  Players came from far and wide for this annual event — Rutland, Gwinner, Forman, Wahpeton, Sioux Falls and even Texas.  First deal started at 9 a.m. and the first 8 rounds were finished by noon. 

Players and workers alike enjoyed the scalloped potatoes and ham, beans, ham sandwiches, and a wide selection of homemade bars.  The Rutland Community Club once again met the challenge of providing the food for the nearly 150 individuals.  It was a close call but there was just enough scalloped potatoes to go around — the cold weather and invigorating games brought out the hunger in everyone.  Next year we will tweak the menu – keep the scalloped potatoes (and make more roasters!) and maybe provide a salad of some type.  It’s always a learning event each year. Hands resumed about 1 p.m. and the next 8 rounds lasted until about 4 p.m.

As the scores were checked and tallied the Anderson Family awarded several prizes.  Gift certificates for The Lariat and Rutland General Store were handed out as were prizes from Four Seasons, the Fargo Force and other donors.  When the scores were tallied, the women took top honors as the winning team was from Wahpeton — Becki Beach and Kay Christenson.  Teams placing in the top 18 (and the last place team) all received prizes.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in the kitchen and a special thanks to the children of Rudy and Edna Anderson who continue with this event in their memory.