The Rooster Crows – November 30, 2018

By Bill Anderson

It is the consensus of The Assembled Wise Men that the chances of an Indian Summer this Fall are getting pretty slim. The long-range forecasters are predicting that El Nino will produce a warm up by February. Wow! Is that good news, or what?!

A number of local farmers have completed the harvest of their 2018 soybean and corn crops, but due to wet conditions in some areas and other vagaries of fortune, there are still quite a few acres remaining to be harvested. Mark Wyum states that he does not mind an extended harvest season, though. “As long as the combines are working, there is still the potential for more income.” So, keep those big wheels turning.

The Rutland Community Club met at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 19, in the Rutland Town Hall with President Bonnie Anderson presiding. Secretary Andrea Erickson presented the Minutes of the October meeting, and Treasurer Hal Nelson reported that the Club currently has more than $20,000 on hand for community projects. Club members discussed the follow up to Uff-Da Day, and a few clean up issues that need to be dealt with prior to Uff-Da Day XXXV on the first Sunday in October of 2019. Katie McLaen reported that the 2 “Freezer Meals” sessions that were held in the Town Hall kitchen on October 10 & 17 were very successful, and that more will be planned. She also reported that another “Kids In The Kitchen” program will be held in January. Members discussed the community play and decided to look into contracting with the Missoula Summer Theater program for Children’s Summer Theater in 2019, if grant funding is available. Members voted to authorize Bonnie Anderson to purchase replacement electric roasters for the Town Hall, along with replacement roaster liners for those that are missing, and authorized the expenditure of up to $500.00 for that purpose. Members also voted to contribute $1,000 to support the 5 local students who are participating in the International Ambassadors of Music tour of Europe in the Summer of 2019, and also approved a donation of $1,000 to the City of Rutland for the acquisition and installation of a radar speed limit sign to be installed at the north edge of the City. That donation was in response to a request from the Rutland City Council. The Council explained that the problem of speeding through Main Street has gotten much worse this year, with many drivers, both local and those from out of the area, showing no respect for the posted Speed Limit and little or no concern for children, bike riders and pedestrians on the street. In one instance local law enforcement stopped and ticketed 8 speeders in less than half an hour, and, according to the letter, at least 10 more vehicles tore through the street at a high rate of speed within a few minutes after the officer had departed the scene. The estimated cost of the new Radar Speed Limit sign is $4,200, which the Council plans to fund with a combination of taxpayer’s money and grants from civic groups. One fellow who doesn’t have to be concerned about ground speed limits is Santa Claus, who travels at super-sonic speeds in a sleigh pulled by 8 reindeer, a method of transportation that should be checked out by some metropolitan transit authorities. Katie McLaen reported that Santa Claus is planning to make his 73rd pre-Christmas visit to Rutland since the end of WW II amid festivities that are scheduled to commence at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 15, in the Rutland Town Hall. Santa has promised to consult with kids on their Christmas lists, distribute gift bags of candy , and hand out the Christmas hams donated by local businesses. A soup & sandwich supper, BINGO and crafts for the kids are also on the agenda for Santa Claus Day. Cher Spieker reported that a Community Christmas tree will be provided by the Coteau des Prairies Lodge, the family of Joe & Patty Breker and the family of Doug & Cher Spieker. The tree is expected to be in town before the end of November and will be put up and decorated at the corner of First & Arthur Streets by Santa’s helpers as soon as possible after that. The next meeting of the Rutland Community Club is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. on Monday, December 10, in the Rutland Town Hall.

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The Rooster Crows – November 23, 2018

By Bill Anderson

We’re getting used to Winter. The cold temperatures and 4”-6” inch snowfall that caused a lot of excitement back on October 10 would barely raise an eyebrow these days. The mercury climbed back up into the mid-40’s on Wednesday & Thursday, November 14 & 15, but hit the skids on Friday and has been bumping along in the single digits for morning lows since then. Monday morning’s wind chill reading of -13 did have some of the locals looking for the gloves they had put away at the end of April, and even inspired a few to don a cap. The rain, sleet & snow that arrived on Friday, November 16, brought with it some Slick roads and hazardous driving conditions. Mayor Narum got the worst of it cleared off the City’s streets on Saturday morning, but one hapless driver on ND Highway #11 lost control of his eastbound vehicle while going around the curve on the south side of the Crappie Crossing Slough about 1½ mile east of the intersection with ND Highway #32. The gray mini-van went through the ice amid the cattails on the south side of the highway, proving that 4” of ice is not enough to bear the weight of a vehicle. The mini-van was partially submerged, but reports are that the driver was uninjured. All’s well that ends well.

Joel Susag headed up to Fargo on Friday, November 16, with his brother, Ivan. Ivan & Joel picked up Ivan’s horse trailer and 2 horses at Ivan’s farmstead near Fargo and then started south for Ivan’s winter homestead in Arizona. Joel plans to be at the home of his sister, Sandy, for Thanksgiving, and to return home via Allegiant Airlines on Thursday, November 29. Joel wants to get out of the desert and back to North Dakota before he becomes accustomed to the warm weather and loses his northern prairie toughness.

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