The Rooster Crows – June 1, 2018

By Bill Anderson

All of that worrying about the lack of rain finally paid off early on the morning of Sunday, May 27, when Mother Nature kicked up her heels with a rip-roaring thunder and lightning show that was accompanied by an inch of rain in Rutland and its immediate vicinity. As is usual with thunder-storms, though, the coverage was not uniform. Randy Pearson reported .7 of an inch at his farm in Shuman Township, and Rick Bosse reported “nary a drop” at his farm home near Brampton. Brad Wyum also reported an inch of rain on the Wyum farm north of Rutland, but no rain at all on the land he and brother Tom farm near Guelph, in Dickey County. The Brampton and Guelph areas had received a .6-inch rainfall a week ago, though, when Rutland only got between .1 and .15 of an inch, so, what goes around comes around. Well, this won’t be the last rain that comes just in the nick of time, but it was the first one of this season, and it was sure welcomed by all, even though there were a few hailstones thrown in just to keep folks from getting over confident.

Janet Bradbury reports from the Warren Ranch near Rapid City SD that rain has even been falling in that normally arid region of our sister State. Janet reported via e-mail on Tuesday, May 29: “…I’m optimistic because it is raining here now, really nice slow soaker so far. Had 1.36 inches in last two days…” Thanks to Janet for the report, and congratulations to the ranchers in southwestern South Dakota, whose cattle will be dining on lush green grass for a while.

CORRECTION: Last week it was reported here that Jacob Mehrer, son of Shannon & Hilary Mehrer, was the only student from Rutland who would be graduating as a member of SCHS Class of ’18 on Sunday, May 27. That report was in error. There is another 2018 SCHS graduate of whom this community is equally proud. Also graduating from Sargent Central High School on Sunday, May 27, 2018, was Johnny Munch, son of Joe & Tammy Munch of this community. The Munch family resides at 315 Gay Street, and they have been Rutland citizens for about a year. The Rutland community extends congratulations to Johnny Munch, and to his parents, on his commencement from Sargent Central High School, and wishes him good fortune in his new endeavors. Our apologies to new graduate Johnny Munch, and to his family, for the oversight.

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