The Rooster Crows: April 25, 2008

By Bill Anderson

Severe Weather Awareness Week, April 21-28, started out with a bang, complete with a thunderstorm, wind and hail as Mother Nature’s study aids. The hail was heavy enough to cover the surface of ND Highway #11 out by the Dennis & Lori McLaen farm, 2 miles north of Town, but no reports of damage to vehicles or buildings have been received.

Marcia Moen, Margo Ganske, Kate Tagg, Laura Feltes, Victoria Parker-Christensen, Marianne Parker, Susan Guilbert and Sue Anderson gathered at the home of Kathy Brakke for a cousins quilting weekend that had scissors clicking and sewing machines clattering from the afternoon of Friday, April 18, to Sunday afternoon. All but the two Susans are related to Ransom Township pioneers K. P. & Ingrid Ahrlin. Sue Anderson is Kathy Brakke’s sister-in-law and Sue Guilbert is Mary Ann Parker’s sister. In addition to getting in a weekend’s worth of quilt making and reminiscing, the group enjoyed a visit to the Rutland General Store and a Saturday luncheon at the home of Mary Ann Thornberg in Weber Township.

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