Late Shift

lefse-rolling-800w.jpgLast night was the 8 p.m. lefse rolling shift.  It was a fairly calm session (not like last year’s!).  About a dozen of us were there rolling, frying, flipping, folding, and packing the lefse.  There were refreshing beverages and we even ate a few of the rejects (some probably created on purpose!).  All in all, we managed to get another 193 in the freezer – so we’re over 500 already. 

This morning there was another crew and will be again this evening.  There will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to have a turn or two or three or more before we’re done. I know I’ll be back to help out.  It’s the only time of the year I get involved in making – or eating – lefse (I’m not Norwegian!).

Rolling Along

Well, you know UffDa Day is not far off when the rolling pins are steaming along.  Last Thursday’s crews managed to get a good start of about 470 produced.  There will be more groups this week starting with Monday, August 25, 8 p.m. session.  Tuesday – and maybe Thursday – more will gather to work toward the goal of 4000.  This is the 24th UffDa Day and let’s hope we don’t all burn out so that we can make it 25 years.  I wonder what else happens during that 8 p.m. rolling session???  Guess I’ll have to go just to find out. Stay tuned.


Rollingpin.jpgA rolling pin is a cylindrical food preparation utensil used to shape and flatten dough.  Oh, how so many Rutland women know the best use of a rolling pin (other than as a weapon!) is to roll out the lefse.  UffDa Day is only sixty days away!  So little time and so much to do.  This will be the 24th Annual Rutland Uff Da Day.  It’s time to get rolling.  We will be called again to help to make nearly the 4,000 lefse (along with all the other goodies).   Committee Chairs are getting calls to help get the ball rolling.  It’s time to rally the troops and get together for some fun while we work toward another community event.  (According to some cookbooks, heavy wooden roller type rolling pins are best used on kitchen helpers when frustrated, and not on dough.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this!)