It is once again time for the Annual Rutland Uffda Day event in our small town of Rutland. [Click for 2012 Uffda Day Flyer.] This is the one day of the year when the population swells to over 1,000 plus.  Everyone in town has been pitching in for several months to prepare for the big day.  Nearly 4,000 lefse have been rolled; krumkakke and sandbakkels have been baked and shaped; rosettes are done.  Now starts the preparation for the big dinner at the Hall.

This year our parade at 1 p.m. will feature the Aberdeen Bagpipe Band as well as many classic cars as part of the show.  If you are in the area, come on and join the fun.  The weather is never an issue — come rain or shine it’s a good ‘ole time in Rutland on Sunday.

Lefse and More Lefse

Now that Uffda Day is behind us and the big lefse making rush is over (and 5000 sold!), the Seniors are rolling along.  Women at the Senior Center are busy making lefse just in time for Thanksgiving and will be making more for Christmas.  They are selling packaged lefse 3/$3.50.  If you are interested in purchasing/ordering lefse, call the Rutland Senior Center at 701-724-4074 or contact Bev Kulzer, Joanne Harris or Janet Kiefer.  Get your order in early ’cause there’s only so much time to get it made.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Well, the Rutland residents have been busy these past few weeks rolling out lefse for Uffda Day.  This year 5,131 lefse were made with the vast majority for sale in packages of three and about 1,000 of those lefse will be available as part of the scalloped potato and ham dinner on Sunday, October 3, 2010.  Up next, the crew will be making krumkake and sandbakkels and then the rosettes — all of which will also be for sale in the American Legion building (now the Rutland Fitness Center). 

A new part of the Uffda Day celebration will be the 8 a.m. 5K walk/run heading south of Rutland and then back to town.  Registration forms are available online or at several area locations.   Crafters will be selling their wares starting at 10 a.m.; food booths will begin selling at 11 a.m., including the dinner in the Hall; and the parade will commence at 1 p.m.  Following the parade, there will be a fireman tug-o-war (about 2 p.m.) and children’s games and activities starting shortly thereafter. 

So, don’t forget to head to Rutland on Sunday, October 3, for an enjoyable afternoon.  The forecast for the week is sunny and, as The Rooster Crows states, the sun always shines on Rutland (even when it rains!).


Everyone in this community is saying “Uffda” and are most likely thankful that the 24th Uffda Day event is behind us.  Oh, I think that the people who work the event have fun doing some of the chores – especially in the preparation that started two months before.  The work making the goodies — lefse, sandbakkels, krumkake, etc. — brings people together and some come to Rutland from neighboring towns to visit and help during those marathon efforts.   Even after doing this for so many years, we learn new things and brainstorm about what to change for the next celebration.  There is always the weather factor that is out of our control.  However, it is amazing that this community can draw so many for the one day.  Our biggest draw continues to be the lefse.  The dinner and other food and crafts also contribute to get people from far and wide to Rutland.  Despite the weather, we had a lot of visitors to town.  Kudos to everyone who pulled together another successful Uffda Day event.  Next year will be the 25th year and I’m sure that there will be something special planned.  Rutland residents be on alert that we’ll need everyone’s help to get that event going.  It’s not too early to volunteer — get your name on a list with the Community Club or simply leave a comment here and we’ll make sure that you get a call next Fall (or sooner) when the planning starts rolling again!!

Lefse Rolling Winding Down

lefse-janet800w.jpgThis is the last chance to help with the lefse rolling for Uff-Da Day.  Four more sessions will be held this week (Tuesday and Thursday, 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.).   This year we may just make the 4000.  As of last week, 3002 have already been made.  With four more sessions, 4000 is definitely within reach.  Once the lefse is ready, then the krumkake and sandbagel making crews will be hard at work. The next three weeks there will be a lot of harder working residents preparing for the big celebration!

Lefse Rolling

Lefse on the GrillThe lefse crew is working steadily to produce an abundant supply for the upcoming Uff-Da Day sales and meal.  As of last Thursday, the gang has produced just over 1700 lefse.  There will be additional lefse rolling sessions this month every Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  There will be a late night session on Wednesday, September 10, at 8:00 p.m.  Anyone who wants to help out is welcome to come and join the workers at City Hall any of those dates and times. (The photo is courtesy of Wikipedia; the crew here makes perfectly round lefse!)