The Rooster Crows – May 18, 2018

By Bill Anderson

Well, did you enjoy Spring this year? It commenced during the last week of April, and turned the corner into Summer on Monday, the 14th of May. The birds, the bees, the grass and the trees are loving it. The Mayfly hatch has been in progress for the past week, and these insects that look like giant mosquitoes, without the deadly stinger, have been smearing windshields and providing nourishment for all kinds of wildlife, including fish. The fisherman who can make his bait look like a may fly when the walleyes are gorging on these bugs can usually count on some filets for the frying pan. Of course, luck may have some bearing on an angler’s success, too. Roger Pearson, an expert practitioner of the piscatorial arts, reports that he was fishing from the bank of one of our local lakes last week, with only a bullhead to show for his efforts, when a friend from Fargo who is a frequent Rutland visitor came down to the lake and began fishing some distance to the east of Roger’s position. As Roger watched, this fellow proceeded to cast his lure out into the water, and within 45 minutes he had caught his limit of 5 walleyes and was on his way home. Roger moved down the bank to the spot from which his friend had enjoyed such success, and, reports that his luck did not change. Still no fish. In his youth, Roger was an excellent baseball player, but occasionally he had to endure a slump when he couldn’t buy a hit. The only way to break out of a hitting slump is to keep going up to the plate and swinging at the pitch, and the only way to break out of a fishing slump is to keep going to the lake and tossing a hook into the water. A good hitter will eventually break out of a slump, as will a good fisherman. Of course, just because Roger says he’s not catching any fish doesn’t necessarily mean that he isn’t catching any fish. He is a fisherman, after all. Besides, as Roger has often said, “The worst day spent fishing is still better than the best day spent working.” A philosophy for the ages.

A pair of Rutland girls, Sonja (Anderson) Christensen of Wahpeton and Judie (Anderson-Seavert) Grohs of Rosholt SD were Rutland visitors on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 9. The two sisters joined friends for lunch at the Rutland Seniors Center and then stopped in for the season opener at The Old Parsonage where each found some items they could not live without. They plan to be back in the old home town on Monday, May 28, for Memorial Day.

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