The Rooster Crows – May 21, 2021

By Bill Anderson

It was a million-dollar rain that fell on the evening of Thursday, May13 & the morning of Friday, May 14, less adjustments for interest, inflation, carrying costs and additional charges. The grumble of thunder and the angry flashes of lightning that preceded the rain belied its gentle nature. Greg Donaldson reported .6” of precipitation in his rain gauge on the east side of town, while Andrew & Katie Woytassek gauge situated a quarter of a mile further east showed .5” on Friday morning. Other readings included: .75” in Mahrer Construction’s gauge on the north side of town; .6 at Jesse Brakke’s farmstead between Rutland & Cayuga; .6” at the Joe & Patty Breker farm in Tewaukon Township; and 1 full inch at Rick Bosse’s farm near Brampton. The rain was enthusiastically welcomed by local farmers in the process of getting the 2021 crop planted. “We had about 3 days of planting left to do,” said Jerry Woytassek on Friday evening, “but I’ll take the rain when it comes, and be happy about it, too!” Obviously, this rain will not make the 2021 crop, but it will help give it a good start. There are many travails to endure and worries to bear before the grain is in the bin, the cash is in the sock and the checks are in the bank. Until then, let it rain!

Rutland native Dan Narum stopped in at The Lariat Bar on the evening of Wednesday, May 12 for a meeting with his cousin, Trent Nelson, and to get together with old friends for some visiting in the old hometown. Dan currently serves as the Presiding Judge of North Dakota’s Southeast Judicial District. Dan said that the covid-19 pandemic made it difficult to maintain court schedules during the past year, but with remote hearings made possible by electronic technology, court services were able to be kept up throughout the North Dakota Judicial System. Dan also reports that he has once again been sharpening a skill he learned from his Dad, the Late Dennis Narum, back when he was growing up in Rutland. He has acquired 3 registered quarter-horse colts and has been training them on the acreage at his home in Lamoure ND. The colts are registered descendants of the famous Doc Bar bloodline, Dan said, and the American Quarter Horse Association exhibited its sense of humor by assigning the name “Hanging Judge Bar” to one of his colts, the one that Dan calls “Little Tex.” Dan said that he, Caroline and their 2 children, Asher, and Ellery, are all doing well, and he extended greetings to all of his old friends from Rutland.

May birthdays honored at the Rutland Seniors Center on Monday, May 10, included: Janice Christensen; Roger Pearson; Rick Bosse; and Mike Kulzer. All are over 21 years of age. Those present were treated to a big slice of birthday cake baked and decorated by Ione Pherson, and to a rousing chorus of “the Happy Birthday,” song. So, Happy Birthday to all, and many more!

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Hens Do Crow! July 24, 2020

Monday, July 20, brought another round of rain to the area with various amounts of moisture reported. Shawn Klein reported that her rain gauge measured .40 inches at her home in Havana while Kenny Hamilton boasted .97 inches. Two-miles south of Rutland the rain was measured at .23 inches and north of Rutland at the Kyle and Kathy Marquette farm about two-inches of rain had fallen and the same storm left 1.2 inches north of Cayuga on the Rick Banish farmstead. The last few rainstorms have left varying amounts in the rain gauges.

The Rutland Housing, Inc., Board met on Monday, July 20, followed by the annual Housing meeting. Some Housing tenants attended the meeting to discuss the need for repairs at the buildings and some minor safety improvements such as exterior rails on the steps to help residents enter and exit the buildings in the winter. The Housing Board has not been able to hire a handyman to make repairs and changes as quickly as desired. There is also the ongoing issue of funding and expenditures as the units are not at full capacity to provide sufficient income.

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Hens Do Crow! April 12, 2019

By Deborah Banish

The 48th Annual Meeting of Rutland Housing, Inc., the non-profit corporation that owns and manages three apartment houses in Rutland, was held at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, in the Rutland Town Hall. Manager-Treasurer Bert Siemieniewski delivered the annual report of corporate activities for the past year as well as a financial report that showed a positive balance in the corporation’s books. Ms. Siemieniewski reported that, as of April 3, there were 9 apartments occupied and 5 apartments available for occupancy. She also reported that there are a number of prospective tenants who are expected to move into some of the available apartments in the near future. All three of the company’s apartment houses have undergone major renovations and improvements in the past few years, and work continues on updating and upgrading apartment units as funds are available. Rutland Housing was established in 1971 to provide housing for low income elderly persons in the community utilizing a long-term low interest financing program from the USDA’s Farmers Home Administration. The first apartment house, the four-plex at 207 First Street, was occupied on January 1, 1972. Two more apartment houses, another four-plex at 316 Ross Street and a six-plex at 204 Dakota Street, were built between 1972 and 1975. Rutland Housing’s first Board of Directors included: Earl Anderson; Rudy Anderson; Norbert Kulzer; Aldon Donaldson; and, Skip Sjothun. Kenny Briese was the manager of the Farmers Home Administration program in Sargent County in the early 70’s, and his knowledge of FmHA’s rules, regulations and procedures was instrumental in obtaining the financing to build the apartment houses. Current Directors and Officers of Rutland Housing, Inc., are: Delores Lysne, President; Bill Anderson, Vice-President; Carolyn Christensen, Secretary; and, Bert Siemieniewski, Treasurer/Manager. For information about renting one of Rutland Housing’s apartments, contact Manager Bert Siemieniewski at 724-3553. The next annual meeting of Rutland Housing, Inc., is scheduled for the first week in April, 2020.

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Hens Do Crow! March 29, 2019

By Deborah Banish

Agriculture was the focus on Thursday, March 21, with a salute to Farmers, Ranchers and Ag Businesses. The Ag Day event, organized by the NDSU Sargent County Extension Office, had been postponed due to the weather (what else!). It was held at the North Sargent School Activity Center and students from the three area schools attended as well as area farmers and ranchers and other residents. This event provided an opportunity for people in the community to become more aware and appreciative of ND agriculture. There were educational displays and talks about ND agricultural commodities, food samples made with ND grown commodities, and ag business representatives at the event to show and tell how they support farmers and ranchers to produce the food to feed the world. The County Extension Office extended a big thanks to North Sargent ag education and family and consumer science students and their teachers, Tanner Zetocha and Kylie Christianson; volunteers Phyllis Wyum and Kathy Marquette, ag businesses and their reps including CHS Dakota Plains, AW Diesel, Green Iron Implement, Full Circle Ag, Joe’s Fertilizer, Wild Rice SCD, and USDA NRCS; sponsors and donors including Arrowhead Transport, KT Cattle Company, Sargent County Farmers Union, Sargent County Farm Bureau, Four Star Ag, Bryan Johnson, District 7 Cattlewomen, ND Beef Commission, ND Wheat Commission, ND Corn Council, Midwest Dairy, ND Soybean Council, and ND Livestock Alliance, the North Sargent School, and all who attended the National Ag Day Salute to Farmers, Ranchers and Ag Businesses event! You all contributed to make it successful and fun! The Extension Office hopes to make this an annual event.

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The Rooster Crows – June 8, 2018

By Bill Anderson

The 2018 crop is in the ground. Some local growers finished up planting operations this past week, while others have been done for a couple of weeks or more, but the crop is in, and most of it’s up. Being done planting isn’t necessarily all roses, though. Mike Walstead reports that he was going to put his planter into storage last week, but had to move his combine out of the shop in order to get the planter in. As he backed out with the combine, one of the extensions on the combine’s hopper caught the bottom panel of the overhead door on Mike’s shop, so now he has some door repair work to get done, too. A farmer’s work is never done! Weed control will be a primary activity for most producers during the month of June, and Jason Arth, manager of Northern Plains Ag at Cayuga reports that demand for chemicals and spraying services has been brisk. The old cultivators that used to take out a few rows of corn with the weeds once in a while are now rusting in the trees, replaced by huge sprayers that cover more acres in an hour than the old 4-row cultivator could get done in a week. For the next couple of months all eyes will be turned to the sky, wondering when that next rain will come. Well, .2 of an inch of rain, accompanied by thunder, lightning and wind, did arrive late on the evening of Friday, June 1. Readings were uniform throughout the Rutland area, with Paul Anderson and Norbert Kulzer in town, Randy Pearson to the north, Doug Spieker to the south and Mike Walstead to the west all reporting .2 of an inch in their rain gauges on Saturday morning. Roger Pearson reported that someone had turned his rain gauge upside down, so it registered 0, although the outside of the gauge was damp. The agreement among rain gauges ended on the morning of Wednesday, June 6, though, as the thunderstorm that roared through at about 2:00 o’clock that morning put .7 of an inch into Norbert Kulzer’s rain gauge, but only .62 of an inch into Roger Pearson’s gauge located only a few feet from Norbert’s. The Assembled Wise Men averaged out the various reports, though, and have awarded an even .65 of an inch to the entire area, except to Rick Bosse who only received .4 of an inch at his farm near Brampton. Rick plans to put more effort into rainfall production next time.

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The Rooster Crows – March 30, 2018

By Bill Anderson

Snow or no snow, Winter or no Winter, Spring or no Spring, hundreds of thousands of snow geese filled the air over Rutland on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 27, hurling their ancient cries into the wind as they have for thousands of years, singing, “Here we come, ready or not!” The Weatherman keeps saying, “No, no, we’re not ready, yet.” But the geese know when it’s time to move, and they’re moving. Despite the chronological and solar arrival of Spring last week, Winter just does not seem to want to let go. This area received 2 to 3 inches of new snow on Saturday, March 24, and another 1 to 2 inches of snow on Monday, March 26. Mayor Narum and the City Council are to be commended for getting the City’s snowplow out early and often to keep the streets open and free of ice and compacted snow. The manufacturer of the City’s snowplow provides no warranty, though, and both the weatherman and the Mayor warn that more snow may be on the menu for the coming week. Back on February 2 the local Ground Hog, Rutland Rasputin, predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Well, Bub, your 6 weeks are up!

Diane Smith was moving into her newly renovated apartment in Rutland Housing’s 6-plex at 204 Dakota Street this week, and hoped to have the move completed by Saturday, March 31. The apartment received a make-over of the bathroom and kitchen, new floor coverings and a fresh coat of paint. Contractors working on the project included: Jerry Sapa Construction; Jacobson Plumbing, Heating & Excavating; and Lori McLaen Decorating. Another apartment in the building is also getting an upgrade, and all of Rutland Housing’s apartments are on the list for renovation work as funds are available in the future. Rutland Housing’s Manager, Bert Siemieniewski, states that, “…it hasn’t been easy, but it’s nice to get Diane’s apartment done so we can keep moving on the rest of them.” Rutland Housing’s 3 apartment houses were built between 1971 and 1974 and have all received extensive upgrades, both exterior and interior, in the past 2 years. Current officers and Directors of Rutland Housing, Inc. are: Delores Lysne, President; Bill Anderson, Vice-President; Carolyn Christensen, Secretary; and, Bertha Siemieniewski, Treasurer/Manager. To inquire about apartments for rent, contact Bert at 724-3553.

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