It’s Alive…………

The new and improved Rutland ND website has been launched for your viewing pleasure.  Please remember that much of this is still a work in progress and we will be making additions and changes over the next few months.  There are many old Rooster Crows columns to be added (we were unable to transfer the data from the prior host site as they would not permit it; however, we’re cutting and pasting!). 

The new site will be as active as everyone makes it.  We hope to keep an active, updated community calendar posted — as the information gets to the webmaster — Deborah Banish.  There is room for comments and memories so feel free to submit items.  Share your pictures, thoughts, comments and suggestions to make this site what you want it to be!

Rutland ND website

The Rutland ND new and improved website is set to be launched hopefully within the next month.  Our Community Club President was finally able – after nearly a year – to reach the right person to release the domain name for so we can keep the same web address.  The new Rutland ND website will include past favorites and will have new features and updated photos.  Rooster Crows columns, that are on the current site will be included and we hope to expand to include past print columns.  The new site will include current and historial photos and features such as a calendar to keep residents and others informed about community happenings.   In addition, Bill Anderson has agreed to periodically provide his insights and continue with the Rooster Crows column when he sets his mind to it.  Bill promises to provide a column soon.  I know many will look forward to finally seeing this new and improved web presence for Rutland.  It’s a good way to advertise what this community has to offer to residents and visitors!