Woolly Women

Rutland received some more free press in the March/April issue of The Country Register which is devoted to fiber arts and specifically wool.  Jan Brash of Rutland, formerly a Romney sheep breeder, is now a member of the “Wooly Women” group which meets monthly.  They continue to participate in many local events to demonstrate and sell their home made wool products.  Additional information on their group and on Romney and Lincoln sheep breeds can be found through the Dakota Prairie Wool website.

Woolly Women in Forum

Imagine opening up the Sunday Fargo Forum and finding Rutland mentioned on the first page of the Valley R&R Section! That’s exactly what happened when I opened the paper and saw our very own Jan Brash pictured with other “Woolly Women.”  Jan has been involved with the “Woolly Women” since 2000 and says she has learned a lot about sheep and working with wool. She also enjoys the camaraderie that the group shares.