The Rooster Crows – Mar. 17, 2023

By Bill Anderson

 Winter’s winds can blow and blow, bringing in mountains of ice and snow. Winter’s wild, wooly, and rough as a saw, but it can’t beat Rutland – We’re hanging on til the thaw! Winter storms during the last week of February and the first 2 weeks of March have been the worst 3 weeks of the winter for delays, postponements and cancellations, so far. Since Ash Wednesday on February 22, half of Nordland Lutheran Church’s Lenten and Sunday services in Rutland have had to be cancelled because of impassable roads and impossible driving conditions. In Rutland, the continuous process of removing several inches of new snow, along with newly formed snowdrifts, from the City’s streets each day has left each City block looking like a snow fortress, with parapet walls of packed snow several feet high lining the sides of the streets, and huge piles of snow, resembling the towers and turrets of ancient castles, at each street corner. Caution is advised when crossing any intersection in Rutland these days. Well, this coming Monday, March 20, brings with it the First Day of Spring, and the possibility that Winter’s mighty fortresses may soon be vanquished by a fresh supply of high-powered sunshine. Time (especially Daylight Savings Time) is on our side, and victory in this battle is all but assured.

Saint Patrick’s Day, Friday, March 17, in Rutland will be observed with the traditional Irish dinner of boiled potatoes, corned beef & cabbage being served at The Lariat Bar. True sons & daughters of Ireland will want their traditional Irish banquet to be served with a traditional Irish beverage, a pint of Guinness, a dark, stout beer that is made from Irish barley, hops, water and a specific strain of ale yeast that has been used since Arthur Guinness first made the beverage in his brewery at St. James’ Gate, Dublin, back in 1759.  Dublin was also the original home of Jameson Irish Whiskey, a beverage that is also frequently consumed on St. Patrick’s Day in toasts to St. Patrick; to the Irish people; to their history as poets, dreamers, schemers and fierce fighters; and, to their fondness for strong drink and lost causes. So, if you’re feeling lonesome for the Auld Sod of the Emerald Isle this Friday, whether your last name is O’Brien, O’Johnson or O’Kaczinski, stop in at The Lariat Bar in Rutland for a traditional dinner of corned beef & cabbage and the beverages that go with it. You will be entitled to “The Luck Of The Irish,” for the remainder of the year.

City Auditor Deb Banish reports that it was Rutland’s Mayor, Mike Mahrer, who made the temporary repairs to the Rutland Town Hall’s kitchen entrance door. A permanent fix is still being sought, but, for now, Mayor Mike has saved the day.

Birthday cake was on the menu during the morning coffee session at the Rutland Senior’s Center on Monday, March 13. The cake, this month made by Joanne Harris, was in honor of those morning round table regulars with March birthdays, including: Debbie Banish; Kurt Breker; and, Jim Lunneborg. The honorees were treated to a large slice of cake, a hot cup of coffee and a virtuoso performance of “The Happy Birthday Song,” emphatically sung by those present.

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The Rooster Crows -March 26, 2021

By Bill Anderson

The Equinox has come and went; Back to Ireland has St. Pat been sent; But no one’s complaining that it’s been a bummer; Cause we’re on the downhill slide from here to Summer! Spring arrived on Saturday, March 20, and Sunday, March 21, the first full day of Spring 2021, was full of sunshine, bereft of wind and perfect for sitting on the porch to survey the neighborhood. Still no rain, but, as the old timers used to say, “Every day that it doesn’t rain is one day closer to the day that it will.” Can’t argue with those old timers. Those modern-day old timers, the Assembled Wise Men at the Round Table, were once asked how it was that they seldom made mistakes. “Experience!” they replied. Then the question was asked, “How did you obtain experience?” “By making mistakes,” was the response. So it goes, from one generation of old timers to the next.

Norbert & Beverly Kulzer, Bill Anderson and Andy Harris joined Joanne Harris of this community for a St. Patrick’s Day supper on the evening of Wednesday, March 17. The main course was the traditional Irish meal of corned beef, cabbage and boiled potatoes. At the conclusion of the evening the hostess and guests drank a toast to the memory of the late John Harris, a descendant of Irish immigrants who took great pride in his Irish heritage. The Irish invented Guinness and Jamiesons, both of them being outstanding gifts to humanity.

Dale & Lisa McLaen of this community were back in the old hometown from Friday, March 19 to Sunday, March 21. Dale has been in the Twin Cities for the past several weeks, consulting with medical personnel at Hennepin County Medical Center. He reports that teams of doctors, sometimes as many as 6 at a time, have been examining, double-checking, discussing and diagnosing his condition for a couple of weeks, and that surgery is now planned for Thursday, March 25. Follow up treatment will be decided upon after that. As of Sunday, March 21, with the sun shining and Spring in the air, Dale said that he is feeling positive, and is ready for the surgery to be done. His many friends here wish him a speedy recovery and return home.

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