Nine Attend CPR Training

Nine people attended the CPR training at the Rutland town hall on February 21.  Some had never had a CPR class before & the only thing they knew about it was what was learned in a high school First Aid class.  Since that was over 40 years ago, things have changed.   Since some are visual & kinetic learners, a good video & dummies to practice on helped them understand the material completely.  Defibrillators were on hand and some had never seen a defibrillator before except in the movies; that whole process seemed more than a little scary.  Many were surprised at how easy it could be for anyone to use.  The machine tells you what to do so you just follow its directions.  Marwood and Shelly did a really good job of explaining details and answering questions.  The two hours went by fast & we all passed the test.  There are now nine more people in Rutland and surrounding area that may be able to save your life.  Thanks to the Rutland/Cayuga Fire Department for sponsoring the class.

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