ND Firefighters Hall of Fame

The North Dakota Firefighter’s Museum is proud to announce the 2015 Inductees into the North Dakota Firefighters Hall of Fame.

Induction into the Hall of Fame is conferred upon outstanding individuals whose contributions to and leadership of the fire service within the State of North Dakota have been a milestone in the development of those services; whose actions have served not just their community, but have contributed significantly to the fire service on a regional, statewide, or national basis; and, whose leadership and accomplishments in these areas are widely recognized and respected in the North Dakota fire service.

Chris Helgesen- Sawyer, ND
Active Firefighter since 1969 (Retired 2002)
Past Chief- Sawyer Fire Protection District (26 years), NDFA Life Member, Vice President and President NDFA, Past President Mouse River Firemen’s Association and ND Fire Chiefs Association

The 2015 Inductees into the North Dakota Firefighters Hall of Fame are:

Ron Narum- Rutland, ND
Active Firefighter since 1965 (Retired 2014)
Past Chief- Rutland & Cayuga Fire Department, Active Member & Secretary/Treasurer of Rutland-Cayuga RFPD Board, Lead in establishing fire district

Dave Schneibel Sr.- Rugby, ND
Active Firefighter since 1975
Past Chief- Rugby Fire Department, Assistant Chief, Secretary-Treasurer, Captain, Training Officer, and Safety Officer for local department. NDFA Life Member, 1st & 2nd Vice President and President

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Fireman’s BBQ

The Rutland-Cayuga Fire District annual Barbeque Supper will be this Saturday, July 19, 7-9 p.m. in Rutland City Hall.  This is the time for everyone to come out and support the crew.  Adults $10, 15 and under $5, Preschool is Free Will.  They will also have their annual drawing for door prizes.  We did buy tickets already which includes the drawings.  Last year when we walked into the Hall for the dinner my name was drawn for a First Aid kit.  (I’ve already won two or three fire extinguishers!).  I’m waiting to see who wins this year (and I’m hoping they spread the prizes around).

Easter Feast

Easter Sunday’s Brunch and fundraiser was a resounding success as demonstrated with 250+ attending to take in the spread offered at the Rutland Town Hall. The Rutland-Cayuga Volunteer Fire Department crew, with the capable staff from the Rutland General Store, served the bountiful feast for the families who chose to fully enjoy Easter rather than spend time cooking at home. It was a difficult choice on where to start with more than 15 selections plus all the desserts. My boys enjoyed the ham, rolls, pancakes and desserts while my husband and I filled up on those as well as the baked egg dishes, vegetables, salads and other items. This was an easy and enjoyable Easter for our family and many others. Congratulations to the volunteer firemen and the General Store for making this a success!

Nine Attend CPR Training

Nine people attended the CPR training at the Rutland town hall on February 21.  Some had never had a CPR class before & the only thing they knew about it was what was learned in a high school First Aid class.  Since that was over 40 years ago, things have changed.   Since some are visual & kinetic learners, a good video & dummies to practice on helped them understand the material completely.  Defibrillators were on hand and some had never seen a defibrillator before except in the movies; that whole process seemed more than a little scary.  Many were surprised at how easy it could be for anyone to use.  The machine tells you what to do so you just follow its directions.  Marwood and Shelly did a really good job of explaining details and answering questions.  The two hours went by fast & we all passed the test.  There are now nine more people in Rutland and surrounding area that may be able to save your life.  Thanks to the Rutland/Cayuga Fire Department for sponsoring the class.

You Could Save Someone’s Life

The Rutland-Cayuga Fire District is sponsoring a CPR training class at the Fire Hall in Rutland on Thursday, February 21, at 6:00 p.m. This can either be for recertification or for those who have never had a CPR class. There will also be demonstrations on the automatic defribillator which is stored in the Fire Hall. We hope there’s a good turn out for this training. You never know who’s life might be saved by being informed of these procedures.

Young Blood in the Rutland-Cayuga Fire Department

The Rutland-Cayuga Rural District Fire District has been infused with new blood with the addition of a number of young volunteers. Several of them are taking EMT classes. These 20-something young men are excited to be a part of protecting the community and surrounding area. They are already thinking of ways to raise funds for the needs of the department. An Easter brunch will be held in cooperation with the Rutland General Store and the Rutland Cafe as the first fundraiser. These new members are Jordan Wyum, Rob Wyum, Cameron Gulleson, Cody Gulleson, Zach Temple and Jim Fust.