The Rooster Crows – March 21, 2008

By Bill Anderson

Temperatures ranging from the upper 40’s on Thursday, March 13, to 52 on Friday, down to 27 on Saturday, back up to 43 on Sunday, up to 52 on Tuesday and no snow on any day that it was predicted. As of Sunday, March 16, most of the snow in Rutland was gone, revealing a display of brown lawns decorated with bones, tree branches and beer cans that must have come down with the snow, because they sure weren’t there when the first snowfall covered things up back on December 1. Spring fever is in the air, evidenced by the fact that both the Canada geese and local farmers have been observed circling fields looking for a likely spot to land and begin production for the 2008 season.It was all quiet at Alley Cuts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday last week, as both Lori McLaen and Jen Christianson were in New York City –Yes, that’s right, NEW YORK CITY!- picking up information on the newest hair styling fashions and the latest beauty tips to bring back to their clients here. Folks who happened to be watching the NBC-TV show on Friday morning noticed Lori & Jen holding up a large banner reading “Good Luck Queen Candidates, Rutland ND”, during one of Al Roker’s weather reports outside Rockefeller Center on Manhattan. Lori and Jen returned home on the evening of Monday, March 17, and were back at work at Alley Cuts on Tuesday morning. They report that, despite its reputation for fashion leadership, they did not find many new or interesting hair styles among the ladies of the city that never sleeps. They did, however, enjoy a large number of sights and experiences, including: the Statue of Liberty; Ellis Island; a Broadway musical, “Chorus Line”; the Staten Island Ferry; the Metropolitan Museum of Art; fine dining at some excellent restaurants; and, many others. The 2 country girls stayed with a friend of Jens who put them on the subway on their first morning there, gave them instructions on where to get off, and told them to walk back home to experience the city. They walked through Chinatown and Little Italy, where no one spoke English, and window shopped along 5th Avenue. They had a great time, Lori reports, but they were glad to get home. New York, with its crowds, fast pace, constant activity and the sights, sounds and smells that go with a huge metropolis, is a great place to visit but they wouldn’t want to live there. Welcome home, Lori & Jen.

Rutland native John Hoflen, now a citizen of Bismarck, was in Rutland last week, visiting family and friends here. During his stay here, John looked over the City’s computer system and recommended several upgrades and updates in equipment and software. Prior to his retirement, John was the chief computer guru for Job Service of North Dakota and Blue Cross-Blue Shield of North Dakota. He resided with his brother, Rob, during his time in the old home town.Chuck and Diane Holen of Webster MN were Rutland visitors on Friday, March 14, stopping in to look around the old home town and to visit old friends. Mrs. Holen is the former Diane Ressler, RHS Class of ’60, and a daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. Valentine Ressler, formerly of this community. The Ressler farm was 1½ mile west and a mile north of Rutland, in Rutland Township. The Holens stopped in at the Rutland Café for coffee and conversation and went shopping at the Rutland General Store during their visit.

A packed house was on hand for the Rutland Community Club’s annual supper and play on the evening of Friday, March 14. Advance ticket holders enjoyed a supper of country-style barbecued ribs, baked potato, corn and lemon chiffon dessert, served buffet style, prior to the evening’s entertainment. The supper was prepared and served by a kitchen crew under the direction of Bert Siemieniewski. This year’s play, “Miss Rutland 2008” was an original production concocted by the usual suspects: Ione Pherson; Lori McLaen; Connie Gulleson; and, Pam Maloney; that allowed a number of the community’s young men to get in touch with their feminine side. Rachel Olson and Peder Gulleson were MC’s for the event which featured contestants Tammy Whynot, a country singer played by Jim Fust; Helga Haybuster, a poetic milkmaid played by Cameron Gulleson; Itska Litskavitska also known as Patty Link, the daughter of a Geneseo sausage maker, played by Jason “Shwank” Smykowski; Raquel Wrench, a girl with an interest in mechanics who prefers Craftsman to Snap-On tools, played by Vaughan Rohrbach; Sandy Aggregate, played by Mike Mahrer; Barby Bootcamp, played by Rob Wyum; Hersa Wildcat, a trendy schoolteacher, played by Shannon Mehrer; Sally Scrooz, a cigar chomping carpenter with the motto, “Wait til you see what I saw.”, played by Jerry Sapa; and Amelia Hothams, niece of first runner-up in the 1990 contest, Ima Hogg, played by Rodney Erickson. The reigning Miss Sargent County, Shelley Pherson of Rutland, also appeared in the evening’s entertainment, asking questions of the contestants during the IQ portion of the program. The answers, of course, were even sillier than the questions. The audience voted by ballot and chose Barby Bootcamp as the new Mr./Miss Rutland 2008. If Rob holds the title as long as his predecessor, it will be 2026 before the tiara is passed on to the next victim. All in the audience agreed that the play was done in good taste and the performances were hilarious. A video was made of the program and copies on Digital Video Diskette or videotape will be available for those who were not able to be present for the live performance, or who wish to have something to blackmail these guys with for years to come. Congratulations to the Rutland Community for another successful community event. Community Club officers for 2008 are: Hilary Mehrer,president; Deb Liermark, vice-president; Jeff Olson, secretary; Bert Siemieniewski, treasurer; and, Mike Mahrer, director.

After resting up for a day, a large crowd was back in town on Sunday, March 16, to take in the annual Palm Sunday dinner served by the members of Nordland Lutheran Church at the Rutland Town Hall. Ann Erickson reports that more than 200 dinners were served between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Easter services at Nordland will be at 9:00 a.m. next Sunday, the first time in more than 50 years that Nordland has not held a sunrise service on Easter Sunday.

The weekly BINGO games sponsored by the Rutland Community Club also drew a good crowd on the afternoon of Sunday, March 16, reports Deb Liermark. The BINGO games will be held in the Rutland Seniors’ Center at 3:00 p.m. each Sunday afternoon, except Easter Sunday, from now through May, states Diane Smith, one of the organizers of the Community Club’s fund-raising effort.

Shari Leinen, proprietor of the Rutland Café, is on the disabled list this week due to surgery for the removal of the gall bladder. Shari’s mother, Jeanne Leinen, is in charge at the Café during her recovery.

Lyle Paczkowski, Becky (Paczkowski) Hebert and Angie (Paczkowski), the children of the late Mr. & Mrs. Archie Paczkowski of Marboe Township, visited in Rutland on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 18, stopping for coffee and conversation with long-time friend Paul Anderson at the Rutland General Store. Mrs. Hebert, who now resides in Fargo, states that she enjoys the General Store and has stopped in several times since the Store opened last Summer.

The warmer weather seems to have perked up the fish in local lakes, as well as the fishermen who have been patiently waiting for the fish to wake up. Mark Breker reports that some good catches of perch have been taken at Bergstrom’s Slough, southeast of Rutland, during the past week, and similar reports are also coming from other local fishing holes. The ice is still pretty solid, but anglers should be careful to avoid thin ice where the water has been running.

Debbie Liermark reports that the Rutland General Store is now carrying the “Pride Of Dakota” line, a selection of food products grown and processed in North Dakota. A different “Pride Of Dakota” soup is being featured at the Store’s deli counter each day this week.

Jodie Breker of this community took traveling light to the limit when getting ready to return home after visiting her parents, Rocky & Sony Rockswold, at their McAllen TX winter home this Tuesday. Jodie had her bags packed and loaded into her parents car on Tuesday morning, March 18, ready to head for the airport, when she and the Rockswolds decided to make a brief trip across the border to Progresso, Mexico, for some last minute souvenirs before her departure. The car was parked in a lot on the U. S. side of the border, while Jodie and her parents walked across the bridge over the Rio Grande to do their shopping. On their return, however, all that remained in the parking lot was some broken glass, while the car and Jodie’s bags were long gone. Well, at least Jodie didn’t have to worry about the airline losing her luggage. The Rockswolds had also been planning to return to their home in Forman in the near future, but their plans will now be delayed until they figure out what to do about replacing their automobile. Hopes of recovering the stolen car are dim, as it is expected that it was disassembled and sold for parts within hours of the theft. The Rockswolds are well known here and have many friends in this community who are as shocked and saddened by the theft as they are. Here, at least, you can still leave your car parked on Main Street with the keys in the ignition, and have a reasonable expectation of finding it there on your return.

The volunteer firemen of the Rutland & Cayuga Volunteer Fire Departments have been selling advance tickets for the Easter Sunday Brunch which they are sponsoring, along with the Rutland General Store, on Sunday, March 23, at the Rutland Town Hall. They promise an excellent selection of fine foods for the discriminating diner. For those families that would rather enjoy each others’ company than cook and wash dishes on Easter Sunday, The Rutland Town Hall and the Rutland-Cayuga Fire Department’s Easter Sunday Brunch will be the place to be.

Rutland’s internet web site at is the place to be for the latest information on what’s happening in the old home town. There’s a smorgasbord of information about Rutland folks, wherever they may be.

Wednesday, March 19, was the 5th anniversary of the U. S. invasion of Iraq, and the beginning of the American conquest and occupation of that country. In a brilliant military operation, American forces completed the conquest of Iraq in only 2 months. Since then, though, the occupation of Iraq has been hallmarked by ineptitude, incompetence, greed and stupidity at the highest levels of our government. Since the invasion began, the lives of 3,988 American service men and women have been sacrificed on the altar of oil and arrogance in Iraq by us, the American people. Wednesday, March 19th, was also the 1,785th day since the declaration of “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq by our hapless Commander In Chief. We are now spending 12 billion a month in that country while the elusive goalpost of “Victory” is continually moved down the field by those who have a vested interest, either economic or political, in keeping this war going. Meanwhile, the drain of American lives and treasure continues. After 5 years, it’s time for the American people to declare victory in Iraq and support our troops by getting them out of harm’s way.

The following are excerpts from the L. S. Sanderson column of March 19, 1953: The Farm Institute held here last week was a pronounced success in every way and drew a packed house both days. All business booths had fine displays on exhibit. Also gave away a number of valuable door prizes each day to winners. The high school band opened each days program with a concert which was greatly appreciated…In their monthly bulletin the Daveau Music Company of Fargo has designated Rutland’s High School Band the “Band of the Month” and commends Prof. Schildberger on the showing he has made in so short a time. Each band member was presented with a copy of the pamphlet showing a picture of the band…Clair Peterson is spending a short furlough at home after which he will report at Camp Warren at Cheyenne, Wyo. Clair has previously been located in California…Ole Lee suffered an injury to his eye last week when a small particle of steel from a steel spring he was repairing struck him in the eye. He was rushed to Dr. Kuisk’s office where it was found necessary to take three stitches in the eye ball. The injured eye is healing nicely and the stitches will be removed within a few days…A baseball meeting was held here on Monday evening and an organization effected. Rutland will again be affiliated with the Twin State League. All members of last years team were present, also some new material and prospects for a good year in baseball are very promising…Meredith Herman, wife and daughter arrived here on Saturday to spend a few days attending to business and visiting their many friends. He informs us that they have enjoyed a very nice brand of weather at Boulder, Colo., where he now resides and that considerable seeding has been done in that locality…Funeral services were held here on Wednesday for Mrs. Johanna Thornberg who passed away at the Breckenridge Hospital on Saturday after a long illness. Mrs. Thornberg was an early settler in Tewaukon Township where they homesteaded when the reservation was opened to settlement. Her husband preceded her in death several years ago…The Lake Region Improvement Club was the name chosen for an organization formed at a meeting here last Friday when a group from this part of the county met in the interests of better fishing. With the number of lakes and the amount of water here it is believed that conditions can be improved and this organization will proceed at once to see what can be done. A great deal of interest is being shown in the county and it is hoped that this manner of procedure will be able to show results…Sunday evening guests at the Lars Sjothun home were Mr. and Mrs. Ole Jacobson and Ardis, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Erickson, Mr. and Mrs. Edd Evenson, Lowell Sjothun and family, Boyd Jacobson and family…The first television set here was installed at the Kulzer Hardware Co. this week. The work has not been completed at this writing but will be ready when the Fargo station has completed the station there. An unconfirmed report is that parties have made an inspection of Windy Mound as a location for a relay station…The G. N. Railway has shipped in a well rig and is putting down a well at their section house here. The old well and water tank has been sold to the village.

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