Easter Egg Hunt Fun

On Saturday, March 22, about 2 dozen children turned out for the sixth annual Rutland Easter Egg Hunt held at the Lou Sanderson Field. The snowfall made it a bit more difficult but not impossible to find about 400 eggs. Following the search, the hunters and their families gathered at the Rutland Café to open each of their plastic eggs for the candy and prize slips Easter at the Rutland Cafeinside. In addition to numerous small prizes each of the participants received, two bicycles were also awarded through a separate drawing. Gracie Baumgarten from Casselton won the smaller bike and Josephine Nelson of Rutland Township won the Grand Prize bicycle. The annual Easter Egg Hunt is sponsored and organized by the Rutland Café and the Leinen Family with some assistance from the Rutland Community Club. My boys always look forward to this event and enjoy it even more every year. Thanks again to the Leinen Family and Rutland Community Club for sponsoring another successful and fun Hunt!

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