No Cooking Sunday!

Sunday in Rutland was a day when Mom’s did not need to cook.  There were lots of places to eat yesterday.  In addition to the Rutland Cafe, with expanded hours, it was the last Sunday of the month which meant the Rutland General Store had its Sunday buffet.  The place was packed when our family dropped in.  Everyone enjoyed the spread of ham, roast beef, cheesy hash-browns, mashed potatoes, egg bake, waffles, caramel rolls and more.  After filling up at that feast, it was time to head home to rest up before Sunday afternoon Bingo at the Senior Hall where Yvonne Johnson continued her winning streak.  Her husband Don won the blackout game but not in the 58 numbers to win the jackpot.  (Try next week for $90).  During the break, Bingo players got to feast on pie, bars and beverages.  Right after Bingo it was off to Rutland City Hall for the Park Board Baked Potato Feed which again drew hundreds to dine on potatoes with all the fixings along with lots of homemade desserts!  Monday is “food hangover” day for Rutland and area residents.

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