It’s that time of year again when the Rutland Community Club (RCC) starts its weekly Bingo game at the Senior Center.  The games will commence on Sunday, January 4, 2009,  at 3:00 p.m.   Carolyn Christensen and Diane Smith will be the organizers of the weekly sessions — they could use some help with the chores of calling the games, baking and serving the goodies for sale during the game, and probably a bit of help setting up and cleaning up too.

Another Successful Fun Nite

The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Why would anyone want to be inside on such a lovely afternoon?  Lots of people, if you consider the crowd that attended Rutland’s annual Fun Nite.  The Town Hall was packed with people playing Bingo or trying their luck for prizes at the variety of games available.  The competition at the Cake Walk was pretty intense and some people went home with 3, 4 and even 5 cakes.  I worked in the kitchen serving pop, lemonade, coffee, hot dogs, nachos, walking tacos, bars, ice cream sundaes & root beer floats.  My co-worker and I were sure kept hopping.  Kids went home with full sacks of loot, maybe a bit of a sugar high and a big smile on their faces.  The adults were also smiling after spending a nice afternoon visiting with friends and participating in the games with their children.  Thanks to Diane Smith and Hilary Mehrer for putting together another great community activity.

The Rooster Crows: April 25, 2008

By Bill Anderson

Severe Weather Awareness Week, April 21-28, started out with a bang, complete with a thunderstorm, wind and hail as Mother Nature’s study aids. The hail was heavy enough to cover the surface of ND Highway #11 out by the Dennis & Lori McLaen farm, 2 miles north of Town, but no reports of damage to vehicles or buildings have been received.

Marcia Moen, Margo Ganske, Kate Tagg, Laura Feltes, Victoria Parker-Christensen, Marianne Parker, Susan Guilbert and Sue Anderson gathered at the home of Kathy Brakke for a cousins quilting weekend that had scissors clicking and sewing machines clattering from the afternoon of Friday, April 18, to Sunday afternoon. All but the two Susans are related to Ransom Township pioneers K. P. & Ingrid Ahrlin. Sue Anderson is Kathy Brakke’s sister-in-law and Sue Guilbert is Mary Ann Parker’s sister. In addition to getting in a weekend’s worth of quilt making and reminiscing, the group enjoyed a visit to the Rutland General Store and a Saturday luncheon at the home of Mary Ann Thornberg in Weber Township.

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No Cooking Sunday!

Sunday in Rutland was a day when Mom’s did not need to cook.  There were lots of places to eat yesterday.  In addition to the Rutland Cafe, with expanded hours, it was the last Sunday of the month which meant the Rutland General Store had its Sunday buffet.  The place was packed when our family dropped in.  Everyone enjoyed the spread of ham, roast beef, cheesy hash-browns, mashed potatoes, egg bake, waffles, caramel rolls and more.  After filling up at that feast, it was time to head home to rest up before Sunday afternoon Bingo at the Senior Hall where Yvonne Johnson continued her winning streak.  Her husband Don won the blackout game but not in the 58 numbers to win the jackpot.  (Try next week for $90).  During the break, Bingo players got to feast on pie, bars and beverages.  Right after Bingo it was off to Rutland City Hall for the Park Board Baked Potato Feed which again drew hundreds to dine on potatoes with all the fixings along with lots of homemade desserts!  Monday is “food hangover” day for Rutland and area residents.

The Rooster Crows – April 4, 2008

By Bill Anderson

March, the month that was put on the calendar to let people who don’t drink know what a hangover feels like – too depressing to live, too tough to die – departed on Monday, throwing a snowstorm and several inches of wet, sloppy snow our direction as it slammed the door on its way out. April Fool’s Day, Tuesday, April 1, fooled us by pretending it was still March.

The Spring conservation snow goose hunting season has been open since mid-February, but there were no geese here until the last 10 days of March. For the past 2 weeks, millions of the birds have been moving through this area, feeding in last year’s corn and soybean fields and providing some great hunting for those hardy enough to go afield and smart enough to outfox them. The purpose of the conservation season is to reduce the numbers of snow and blue geese to a level that can be sustained by their Summer range in northern Canada, so the usual rules that govern waterfowl hunting during the regular Fall season don’t apply. Hunters may remove the plugs from the magazines on their automatic and pump action shotguns, making 5 shots available before reloading is required, and there is no limit, other than their shooting ability and carrying capacity, to the number of snow and blue geese they are allowed to harvest. They must, however, have a valid North Dakota hunting license to avoid running afoul of the law. It’s not a sure thing, either, as the geese seem to fail to appreciate that all of this shooting is for their own good and continue to outsmart the hunters on many occasions, even if they are birdbrains. Hunters from Minnesota, Iowa and Montana, as well as North Dakota, have landed in Rutland, along with the geese.

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The Rooster Crows – March 28, 2008

By Bill Anderson

Richard Bradbury of this community was a patient, or rather an impatient, at Innovis Hospital in Fargo for the past week and a half, recuperating from the effects of influenza, pneumonia and what may have been a heart attack. Brad reports that he was not feeling well, and his neighbor, Larry Christensen, drove him up to the hospital in Lisbon on the afternoon of Sunday, March 16. About 2:00 a.m. on Monday, the Lisbon Hospital transferred him up to Innovis by ambulance, where he woke up on Wednesday afternoon. The staff at Innovis sent him home on the evening of Tuesday, March 25, with medication, therapy instructions and orders to return in a few weeks for more tests. Brad retired last October, after 34 years at the helm of The Teller, and has been resting up for the beginning of the 2008 golfing season since then. His recent illness now requires that he rest more intensively, a tough job but he’s working at it.

Spring arrived at 12:05 a.m. on Thursday, March 20, and 18 hours later more than 6 inches of wet, heavy snow blanketed the area, indicating that Winter is not done with us, yet. The month of March came in on a pogo stick, bouncing from Winter to Spring and back again on a daily basis, and it looks as if it will go out that way, too. It appears that the only way we will get rid of Old Man Winter is by trickery, and with April Fool’s Day coming up next week, we might have a chance.

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