Another Successful Fun Nite

The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Why would anyone want to be inside on such a lovely afternoon?  Lots of people, if you consider the crowd that attended Rutland’s annual Fun Nite.  The Town Hall was packed with people playing Bingo or trying their luck for prizes at the variety of games available.  The competition at the Cake Walk was pretty intense and some people went home with 3, 4 and even 5 cakes.  I worked in the kitchen serving pop, lemonade, coffee, hot dogs, nachos, walking tacos, bars, ice cream sundaes & root beer floats.  My co-worker and I were sure kept hopping.  Kids went home with full sacks of loot, maybe a bit of a sugar high and a big smile on their faces.  The adults were also smiling after spending a nice afternoon visiting with friends and participating in the games with their children.  Thanks to Diane Smith and Hilary Mehrer for putting together another great community activity.

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