Money to Spend!

There will be a meeting of the Screening Committee/Action Plan Chairpersons on Tuesday, November 18 at 7:00 p.m. at Nordland Parish Hall.  The Steering Committee will be discussing the suggestions for the use of the $8,500 we received for successful completion of the Horizon Project. 

Rutland residents have provided input through the suggestion boxes at the General Store and Cafe.  Suggestions included: 

  • A new projector for town usage
  • Housing (4) (sump pump, water leaks)
  • Roof repair for Legion Hall/Fitness Center
  • New pump for fire truck that broke down during Hal Nelson’s fire (4)
  • Welcome package to welcome new residents
  • Welcome sign at 2-mile corner
  • Sign at 2-mile corner listing local business, churches, etc. (3)
  • Dishwasher for General Store – Clean dishes benefit everyone! 
  • Cell phone tower in town
  • Playground & swingset/slide for the kids (2)
  • Re-do tennis court (3)
  • New software for city for comp billing
  • Recreation & advertising
  • Pay 25% of furnace for town hall
  • Money into Fitness Center
  • Invest in savings bonds to earn money for city needs down the road
  • Buy freezer for Community Club
  • Money toward Town Hall projects
  • More advertising of Rutland, like in ND magazine.
  • Big sign at 2-mile corner


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