http://picasaweb.google.com/s/c/bin/slideshow.swfThanks to Kylee and Sami Hambeck, Rutland has a T-Ball team again this year and we have more than 10 kids playing!  The two sisters are coaching the little kids with some help from Mom, Diane Pherson.  Rutland has a full roster with 15 kids ages 3 to 8 participating.  They got a slow start with one practice several weeks ago before the rain spell we had.  However, this past week the kids were busy.  On Monday, the team participated in a tournament in Lidgerwood.  Three games is quite a bit for the little guys but most of them held through to the end and were happy to get their ribbons.  On Tuesday, they played in Forman and Wednesday evening were two games in Gwinner.  Next week is not as busy.  Due to the rainouts, additional games are scheduled into early July — so there is plenty of time to watch the kids play.  Come on out and show your support for the kids.  They are fun to watch.

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