Garden Club Winding Down


On August 18, The Friendly Garden Club held its final meeting for this season.  The 15 members attending had an opportunity to discuss their garden woes and triumphs.  Many noted that the skunks are causing a significant amount of ground movement in yards and gardens.  Those, along with the raccoons, have caused quite a stink this year.

New officers were elected:  President – Deborah Banish; Vice-President – Rachelle Marquette; Secretary/Treasurer – Kathy Wyum; Program/Posters and Publicity – Kathy Wyum, Deborah Banish, MaryBeth Anderson; Auction Committee – Ann Erickson, Bev Kulzer, MaryAnn Thornberg, JoAnn Harris and Yvonne Johnson.

The Garden Club will resume meetings next September with the goal to have more hands on projects and lessons.  “Road trip” lessons were also something that members requested for next year.  The incoming officers now have a challenge that they hope to meet!

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