Garden Party

It is time to think Spring!  The sun has been trying to shine on Rutland between all the rain showers that have hit the area.  The three inches of rain has soaked into the ground and the daylilies and hostas are among the many flowers showing their greenery.

May is usually when The Friendly Garden Club hosts its annual spring auction in Rutland. Unfortunately, the Club has disbanded and there will be no spring auction this year or years to come (at least at the time of this writing). However, there is hope for garden enthusiasts! This year the Little Old Ladies of Sargent County are hosting a Garden Party in nearby Milnor on Monday, May 19, from 6 to 9 p.m., at the Lakeview Golf Course.

Admission to the Garden Party is a “garden item” — a plant, gardening tool(s), garden decor, yard art, potting soil or seeds.  Garden items will be accepted between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. Those items will be placed on a silent auction which will end at 8:30 p.m.  There will also be a cash drawing and door prizes.  Hors d’oeuvres and sweets will be served and wine and other beverages will also be available for sale.

If you have attended any of the other events sponsored by the Little Old Ladies of Sargent County, you know everyone will have a great time!  All proceeds go to the Sargent County Relay for Life.  Come on out and have some fun and contribute to a great cause!!

Garden Auction

Thirty-three individuals attended The Friendly Garden Club auction in Rutland on Monday and it was another great event. We dined on great salads, sandwiches, fruit and desserts to garner the energy for the auction that followed our meal. The auctioneer, Ann Erickson, kept the bids lively and her silly sidekick, Delores Lysne, provided comic relief for the evening. Auctioned items included plants fresh from member gardens such as daylilies, maple tree shoots, hostas, and other outdoor plantings, new plants from nearby nurseries, and garden stakes, gloves, and garden decorations and several indoor plants. The lovely table decorations were raffled off during breaks in the competitive auction action. Most attendees went home with one or two auction items and for those who purchased outdoor plants, I hope you have a dry spot in your yard ’cause I know mine is too wet unless I use the outdoor pots — and those seem to have a lot of standing water these days. It was a great time and “hats off” to the cooks and hosts of the annual event. Next year, I’ll have to remember to split the daylilies to share at the auction. I’m running out of room to plant them!!

Auction a Success!

The Friendly Garden Club annual plant auction was deemed a success by everyone who attended.  Nearly 50 avid and hobby gardeners attended and got deals on sedums, peonies, windchimes, tomato plants and more at bargain prizes.  At times the bidding was fast and furious and a few people were ‘upping’ their own bids!  In addition to the bargains, several attendees went home with plants that were given as door prizes.   The lunch committee put on a fabulous feast of sandwiches, salads and desserts.  A fun time was had by all!

Garden Club Winding Down


On August 18, The Friendly Garden Club held its final meeting for this season.  The 15 members attending had an opportunity to discuss their garden woes and triumphs.  Many noted that the skunks are causing a significant amount of ground movement in yards and gardens.  Those, along with the raccoons, have caused quite a stink this year.

New officers were elected:  President – Deborah Banish; Vice-President – Rachelle Marquette; Secretary/Treasurer – Kathy Wyum; Program/Posters and Publicity – Kathy Wyum, Deborah Banish, MaryBeth Anderson; Auction Committee – Ann Erickson, Bev Kulzer, MaryAnn Thornberg, JoAnn Harris and Yvonne Johnson.

The Garden Club will resume meetings next September with the goal to have more hands on projects and lessons.  “Road trip” lessons were also something that members requested for next year.  The incoming officers now have a challenge that they hope to meet!

Stop & Smell the Flowers

plant-auction-2008-001_800w.jpgI went to the Friendly Garden Club’s annual plant auction at the Nordland Lutheran Church parish hall on May 19 and had a blast.  Some people may think that a plant auction would be kind of boring, but the Friendly Garden Club members are not boring.  First of all, they had a fabulous meal which, in itself, was worth the effort of getting ready to go someplace.  And the plants…  Every kind, every color, some fragrant, some not, some in creative and beautiful containers, some in cardboard boxes.  But, they all were sold amid some heavy duty bidding wars.  Ann Erickson and Susan Fust were very entertaining auctioneers and had the bidders laughing and having a great time.  We have the Friendly Garden Club members to thank for the beautiful flowers that adorn the various areas of the City of Rutland.  They use the money raised from their plant auction to purchase the flowers they place around town.  They also make sure the flowers are weeded and watered, so they have work cut out for them all summer.

The Friendly Garden Club Digs In

Well, you know spring and summer are not far off when The Friendly Garden Club starts up again. This year the group of gals from Rutland, Havana and Cayuga met on St. Patrick’s Day to start talking plants and flowers. Attendees received a quick presentation on perennials for the garden (mostly information gathered from BH&G’s website and from some suppliers) and handouts courtesy of the local Extension Office. We all enjoyed cake and beverages with a St. Patrick’s Day theme of course. The group meets on the third Monday of each month at the bank building.