Stop & Smell the Flowers

plant-auction-2008-001_800w.jpgI went to the Friendly Garden Club’s annual plant auction at the Nordland Lutheran Church parish hall on May 19 and had a blast.  Some people may think that a plant auction would be kind of boring, but the Friendly Garden Club members are not boring.  First of all, they had a fabulous meal which, in itself, was worth the effort of getting ready to go someplace.  And the plants…  Every kind, every color, some fragrant, some not, some in creative and beautiful containers, some in cardboard boxes.  But, they all were sold amid some heavy duty bidding wars.  Ann Erickson and Susan Fust were very entertaining auctioneers and had the bidders laughing and having a great time.  We have the Friendly Garden Club members to thank for the beautiful flowers that adorn the various areas of the City of Rutland.  They use the money raised from their plant auction to purchase the flowers they place around town.  They also make sure the flowers are weeded and watered, so they have work cut out for them all summer.

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