Rutland Fitness Center a Huge Success!

The Rutland Fitness Center has now officially been open for over a year — and it has shown!  Several community members have shed pounds and “buffed up” and some of the equipment has worn out.  The two new treadmills are fully paid for and a new ‘industrial style’ elliptical machine may be coming in the future.  In addition, there have been aerobics classes available two times a week and yoga classes are held once every two weeks.  If there is sufficient interest, the classes may be expanded and offered at other times and days.  (Check the Rutland ND website for the class calendar).

The Rutland Fitness Center occupies the American Legion building and there is an agreement to continue to utilize the facility. The Center pays an annual fee for the building use and to help with some improvements.  Shingles were replaced last year with the Center obtaining a small grant and contributing $500 to help with some expenses incurred with that project.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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