Pinochle Tourney

Pinochle TourneyLast Saturday, February 5, Rutland hosted the 16th Annual Anderson Family Pinochle Tournament.  Sixty teams made it into town and spent the day in the Rutland Town Hall playing in the Partners Pinochle Tourney.  Players came from far and wide for this annual event — Rutland, Gwinner, Forman, Wahpeton, Sioux Falls and even Texas.  First deal started at 9 a.m. and the first 8 rounds were finished by noon. 

Players and workers alike enjoyed the scalloped potatoes and ham, beans, ham sandwiches, and a wide selection of homemade bars.  The Rutland Community Club once again met the challenge of providing the food for the nearly 150 individuals.  It was a close call but there was just enough scalloped potatoes to go around — the cold weather and invigorating games brought out the hunger in everyone.  Next year we will tweak the menu – keep the scalloped potatoes (and make more roasters!) and maybe provide a salad of some type.  It’s always a learning event each year. Hands resumed about 1 p.m. and the next 8 rounds lasted until about 4 p.m.

As the scores were checked and tallied the Anderson Family awarded several prizes.  Gift certificates for The Lariat and Rutland General Store were handed out as were prizes from Four Seasons, the Fargo Force and other donors.  When the scores were tallied, the women took top honors as the winning team was from Wahpeton — Becki Beach and Kay Christenson.  Teams placing in the top 18 (and the last place team) all received prizes.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in the kitchen and a special thanks to the children of Rudy and Edna Anderson who continue with this event in their memory.

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