Rutland in 2013

2013 was another year of “Hello” and “Goodbye”, fun and excitement.  Here is a brief summary of events in Rutland, ND from 2013:

We said our goodbyes to:

  • Verna Kiefer of Cayuga, passed away in January at the age of 91.
  • Roman Weber, passed away in February in Fargo at the age of 77. 
  • Earl Cramton passed away February 2 in Rutland.  He was 64 years old.
  • Donald Markeseth of Tewaukon Township, died March 16.
  • Ella Lou (Baumer) Nelson passed away in Forman, April 10.
  • Woodrow Leonard Olson departed this life April 15, 2013, at Bristol, South Dakota
  • Rutland native Valrae (Thomas) Miller passed away April 27, 2013 in Sioux Falls, SD
  • Harry A. Kiefer of Cayuga, passed away in Fargo June 1.
  • Rutland native Kimberly “Kim” G. Sjothun died June 2, in Fargo.
  • August 22, Rutland native Neal Preble departed this life in Grand Forks ND.
  • September 12, Loretta M. “Lolly” Arneson passed away in Fargo.
  • Joyce (Colby/Butler) Narum passed away September 19, in Fergus Falls MN.
  • Rutland native Marvin Evenson, died September 28, in Sioux Falls SD, 101 years old.
  • October 6, Borghild (Christianson) Lee passed away in Forman
  • November 27, Rutland native Ellis Sundlie passed away at his home in Pahrump NV.
  • Clarence J. “Butch” Harff  passed away on November 29, 2013, in Forman.

We welcomed new Rutland residents:

  • Silas Henry Stenvold, son of Austin and Olivia (Breker) Stenvold, was born in Fargo, January 8.  Grandparents, Joe & Patty (Phillips) Breker of this community, and Henry & Deb (Pherson) Stenvold of Lidgerwood.
  • Maxwell James Hamilton, son of Kenny & Tanya Hamilton, was born in Fargo, January 16. Grandparents are Steve & Sheila Wyum of Rutland, Miles & Deb Thompson of Forman, and Ken & Marianne Hamilton of Minnesota.
  • Rylee Jo Roney, arrived on February 11, after an entourage of State Highway Department snowplows, Highway Patrolmen and ambulance crews escorted her parents, Rob & Kylee Roney, to St. Francis Hospital in Breckenridge with lights flashing and sirens wailing.
  • Carl Clayton McLaen was born May 25, 2013, in Fargo.  His parents are Nick and Katie (Rust) McLaen of this community.  Grandparents are Dennis McLaen and Lori McLaen of Rutland, Donald Rust of Brampton and Tammy Rust of Bismarck
  • Sophia Ray Erickson was born to Rodney & Andrea Erickson on Friday, May 31, 2013, in Breckenridge MN.  Her grandparents, Lyle & Ann Erickson are on the farm just east of town.
  • Celia Claire Olson, daughter of Jeff & Rachel Olson, was born on Wednesday, July 24, 2013.
  • Kyler Wayne Pherson was born to Brian & Lindsey Pherson on September 22, in Fargo.  Kyler’s grandparents are Dennis Pherson Jr. and Ione Pherson of Rutland, and, Loren & Linda Hanson of rural Forman.
  • Alonna Jordynn Granger was born November 30 to Liz Fulin and Albert Granger in Fargo.  Alonna’s maternal grandmother is Melody Pherson of Cayuga, June Pherson, and the late Dennis Pherson of this community are her great grandparents and the late Percy & Edith Pherson of Tewaukon Township are her great-great-grandparents.

Residents partied and celebrated at weddings, anniversaries, and graduations:

  • Pastor Ben Durbin of Rutland and Miss Ruth Rosengren of St. Paul MN were wed in Minneapolis on Saturday, March 9.  Several members of the Nordland Lutheran Congregation here made the trip to Minneapolis to attend the wedding.
  • September 7, many Rutlandites and out of town family and friends gathered for the nuptials of Miss Jenny Gillespie and Mr. Cameron Gulleson of Rutland.
  • Rutland native Matt Cramton and Nicole LeFebrve of the Twin Cities were wed on September 14, at the Coteau des Prairies Lodge, southeast of Rutland.
  • Cody Gulleson of Rutland and Hannah Bleese of Verona ND were united in marriage on September 28, in Lamoure ND.
  • James & Llana Peterson celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary in May.
  • Sargent Central High School graduation ceremonies were held May 26, in Forman.   Students from this community who received their diplomas: Gregory Breker, son of Jeff & Jody Breker; Nick Peterson, son of Toni Hajek; and, Adam Weber, son of Mark & Vicki Weber.

Rutland welcomed new businesses:

  • Rodney Erickson acquired the equipment and materials needed for the installation and application of spray foam insulation and began installation in several Rutland residences.
  • Paul Anderson Consulting, L.L.C.,purchased the assets of Magco Dakota Flax LLC, including the trade names “Dakota Flax” and “Max Flax,” and is in the process of moving the business from Minot to Rutland. The business processes, packages, distributes and retails both organically grown and non-organically grown flax for human consumption
  • The Coteau des Prairies Lodge hosted an Open House June 9, as its “Grand Opening” event.

Of course, there were “hot times in the old town” in 2013:

  • The volunteers of the Rutland-Cayuga Fire Department were called to a fire at the Kenny & Tanya Hamilton farm 5 miles south of Rutland on Monday, April 29 when the wind, following its own perverse nature, switched directions and increased in velocity, allowing a controlled fire of wood scraps and other construction debris to escape its confines and endanger other buildings.
  • May 18, was hotter than normal when a bolt of lightning struck the west end of the feed warehouse attached to the west end of the grain storage annex across the street at the Rutland Elevator The arcing, snapping and popping of electricity could be heard all over town, and water could not safely be applied to the flames until the electrical power could be cut.  By the time the power was cut and water could be applied to the flames the Rutland-Cayuga fire fighters had been joined by units from Forman-Havana; Gwinner; Milnor; Cogswell; Lidgerwood; Lisbon; Hankinson; and Oakes.  By that time, the warehouse was completely invested in the flames and the fire was licking up the west side of the grain storage annex.  By the time the crisis had ended, more than 120 volunteer fire fighters from 9 different fire departments had responded to the call.

Other progress and improvements in town included:

The Park Board began construction of a new half-court outdoor basketball court and the American Legion/American Legion Auxiliary broke ground on the Veterans Memorial near the City Hall and the new basketball court.

Rutland City Hall got a new roof and new siding (due to the summer hail damage).

Of course, last but not least, were all the “usual” Rutland activities:  Rutland Community Club Theater – “Seven Brides For Dracula.”;  Easter Egg Hunt – 21 children and 17 adults were on hand on Saturday, March 23, for the  Annual Easter Egg Hunt with 616 sixteen plastic Easter eggs, each with a prize or a gift certificate inside, to be claimed by those who found them; Fish Fry; Pancake breakfasts; Children’s fall theater; Youth Day at the Sportsman’s Club; Rutland Ribfest; and of course, the 29th Annual Uffda Day!

Those are just a few activities in 2013.  What was your favorite activity or Rutland event in 2013?

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