The Rooster Crows – August 24, 2018

By Bill Anderson

The Great Smokey Mountains of Virginia and the Carolinas had nothing on The Great Smokey Prairies of North Dakota last week. Smoke drifting in from forest fires in northern Canada covered the prairies in a gray haze that burned the eyes and caused problems for anyone with a respiratory condition. The smoke was thick enough that the Coteau des Prairies hills south of town were not visible from Rutland for most of the day. The Canadian smoke had cleared some by Saturday, and Sunday’s thunderstorms washed some of the smoke out of the air, at least for a while. In a reversal of normal results, Roger Pearson’s rain gauge showed 1.2 inches of precipitation as of 8:30 on Sunday morning, while the gauge of his next-door neighbor, Norbert Kulzer, registered only 1.1 inch. Randy Pearson reported that the gauge in his Shuman Township farmyard showed 1.85 inch at about the same time, and Ted Lee stated that Mother Nature came up short in his neighborhood, leaving only .45 of an inch of rain at his Tewaukon Township farm home. Harvey Bergstrom and Kurt Breker reported .7 of an inch south of Cayuga, while Doug Spieker reported that his rain gauge captured .9 of an inch, and Jim Lunneborg said that 1.5 inch was recorded at his farm south of Buffalo Lake. By Monday morning the consensus of The Assembled Wise Men was that the soybean crop in the Rutland area now has enough moisture to take it to harvest, and that may be true for corn, too.

Harvey Bergstrom walked out into one of his corn fields while on his way to town on the morning of Saturday, August 18, randomly selected an ear of corn and pulled it off the stalk. He then brought that cob of corn with him to The Lariat for examination and inspection by The Assembled Wise Men. Once husked, it was revealed that the large cob was filled with kernels from end to end, and that the kernels were beginning to dent. Harvey is a virtuoso on the accordion and concertina, and his corn grows up listening to a 4:4 polka beat. Happy corn is productive corn, and there’s nothing happier than a good, old-fashioned polka, the kind Harvey plays at Uff-Da Day each year. After all, corn has ears, big ears this year, so it might as well listen to something good. Anyone who wants to know what makes Harvey go, and his corn grow, should be at Uff-Da Day in Rutland on Sunday, October 7, to hear Harvey’s happy music.

A crew of workmen under the direction of Kevin Gaukler of Lidgerwood put up the 2” X 6” stud walls on Mac Pherson’s new garage/storage building on Dakota Street on Tuesday, August 14, had the rafters up on Wednesday, August 15, and installed OSB sheeting on the roof and walls on Thursday, August 16. According to the owner, the interior will be insulated with spray foam insulation to make it feather light and weather tight. Mac’s new building promises to be a handsome structure, and an attractive addition to the neighborhood.

Kellen & Kendra Dockter listed their home at 404 Gay Street in Rutland for sale on Thursday, August 16. The Dockters have made their home in Rutland for the past 5 years, but Kellen has recently accepted a new position with the Polaris Company, at Wyoming MN, a suburb of the Twin Cities, and the family will be relocating to that area. Kendra states that she, Kellen, and their 2 boys, Keegan & Kamden, will miss their many friends in this community, but that they are looking forward to new challenges and new opportunities. Kendra has been employed by NDSU in Fargo and will continue in her current position as a “remote” employee. The Rutland community wishes Kellen, Kendra, Keegan & Kamden Dockter all the best at their new home.

Rutland gained a new citizen, the old-fashioned way, at 8:17 p.m. on Friday, August 17, 2018 when Jameson Harold Corry was born to Maggie Schutt and Colton Corry at Essentia Hospital in Fargo. Jameson tipped the scales at 8 pounds 7 ounces and stood 21 inches tall in his bare feet on his arrival. After Jameson’s delivery, Maggie was craving a Mountain Dew soft drink, so Colton went looking for one for her, and ended up taking several thousand steps through the hospital as he went to every floor looking for that Mountain Dew. After an hour of looking he was finally told that Essentia Health only carries diet pop products these days. but, he tried. What more can be expected of a new Dad? Jameson is now at home in Rutland with his parents at 321 Gay Street. That house has been the initial residence for a lot of happy babies. Back in the early 1950’s, it was the Rutland Maternity Home, under the direction of the late Mildred, better known as “Ma,” Meyers, and it served in that capacity until Otto & Mildred Meyers built the 1 story house at 311 Ross Street for that purpose. Welcome to the little city that can, Jameson. Congratulations to Maggie & Colton on the birth of their son, and thanks to Shawna Bergh for the information in this report.

Wedding bells were ringing for Miss Jordan Kann, daughter of Tom & Lisa Wyum of this community, and Mr. Nick Pierson, son of Steve & Barb Pierson of Clark SD, as they exchanged vows in a 5:00 p.m. ceremony on Saturday, August 18, at Kuhnert Arboretum in Aberdeen SD. A reception and dance followed the ceremony at Dakota Event Center in Aberdeen. The Bride, a 2010 graduate of Sargent Central High School, is a Registered Nurse employed by Universal Pediatrics Services of Sioux Falls, caring for handicapped individuals in their homes around the Redfield area. She earned her LPN degree from the Sisseton-Wahpeton Tribal College in Sisseton SD, and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Mount Marty College of Watertown SD. The Groom is employed at Quest Aviation as an aircraft mechanic in Aberdeen. The newlyweds will be making their home in Redfield SD. The Rutland community extends congratulations to Nick & Jordan Pierson on their Marriage, and best wishes to them for a long and happy life together. Thanks to Jordan’s Mom, Lisa Wyum, for the information in this report.

Family, friends and guests gathered at the Coteau des Prairies Lodge southeast of Rutland on the afternoon of Saturday, August 18, 2018, as Maria Breker, daughter of Joe & Patty Breker of this community, became the bride of Vance Zacharias, son of Vaughn & Dorinda Zacharias of Kathryn ND. It was an outdoor ceremony held on the top of a hill over looking the prairie landscape below. Maria’s brother, Phillip Breker, officiated at the wedding. A reception and dance, featuring the music of Fargo DJ Dude Walker, followed the ceremony. The Bride & Groom danced the first dance at 8:18 on 8/18, according to Maria’s Dad. The Bride’s parents had been married on August 18, 1979, and Maria’s wedding dress was the same one her mother had worn on the same date 39 years earlier. Maria, a 2008 graduate of Sargent Central High School, has earned her Master’s Degree in Soil Sciences from NDSU, and is employed as a soils consultant in southeastern North Dakota. The Groom farms with his parents and 2 younger brothers, Verlin & Donovan, near Kathryn ND, not very far from little Yellowstone. Maria and Vance have built a new home near the Zacharias farm, in the town of Eastedge ND, southeast of Kathryn, on the east edge of the Sheyenne River. They are not only the newest residents of Eastedge, a town that boasted numerous residences, retail businesses, grain elevators and a railroad a century ago, but they are also the only residents, for now. The Rutland community extends congratulations to Maria & Vance Zacharias on their wedding, and best wishes to them for a long and happy life together. Thanks to Maria’s sister, Olivia Stenvold, and her Dad, Joe Breker, for the information in this report.

Ever since the Rutland-Havana Farmers Co-op, former owner & operator of grain handling facilities in Rutland, Havana & Cayuga, was looted of its assets and thrown on the ash heap by its commission firm back in 1997, our neighbors in Cayuga have been trying to get someone to take responsibility for the 2 abandoned grain elevators situated south of the siding on the BN-SF Railway’s lease sites in that community. Cayuga has gone through several leadership changes over the years, with each successive Mayor, City Council and Auditor making a run at pushing the railroad to take some action to clean up its property. For 2 decades, it seemed that all efforts ran into the brick wall of corporate indifference. The railroad did nothing, and the 2 old elevators continued to deteriorate, posing health and safety hazards for Cayuga’s residents. A few years ago Mary Saunders became Cayuga’s Mayor, and vowed to get those old elevator sites cleaned up some how, some way, no matter how long it took. Mary contacted the railroad, she talked to the County and State Health Departments, she even rounded up bids for the demolition and removal of the dilapidated structures and sent them to BN-SF, all to no avail, until this past Winter. After 20 years of trying, and the persistent efforts of a Mayor who would not quit, the brick wall began to crack. This past Spring BN-SF obtained its own bids for removal of the structures from its right-of-way, and in May Mayor Saunders was informed that the Forest River Hutterian Colony of Larimore ND was the successful bidder, and that the work would be performed before the end of September. Last week, Mary was contacted by the Colony’s demolition crew, and was informed that they planned to commence work immediately. A great deal of the work had been completed by Friday, August 17, but had to stop for an asbestos inspection before the old office area of the elevator on the east side of County #12, the old Producers Marketing Company facility, could be completed. Demolition work and removal of debris will resume as soon as the asbestos inspection and any necessary cleanup has been completed. Non-hazardous debris from the elevators is being hauled to a site about a mile from town, where it will be burned. A large electro-magnet will be used to pick up nails and other metal for recycling, and the ashes will be buried, according to information received by Mayor Saunders. And that’s not all. Visitors to Cayuga have noted that several long-neglected properties are in the process of being cleaned up and rehabilitated, while others are being cleaned up and made available for new development. “Right now,” said Mayor Saunders, “things are looking up in Cayuga. American automaker Henry Ford once observed, “If you say ‘I can,’ or if you say ‘I can’t,’ you’re right!” Congratulations to Cayuga Mayor Mary Saunders and the residents of Cayuga on getting the job done, with the removal of the old elevators and other improvements throughout the town. They said, “I can,” and they were right!

Greg Donaldson, Hal Nelson and Kyle Mahrer of Rutland, Harvey Dawson of Brampton, Joe Holmgren of Lisbon and Joe Price of Britton, joined up with KFGO AM790 radio personality Derek Hanson and a number of others for a fishing excursion to Lake Of The Woods, along the border between the u. S. and Canada, from Thursday, August 16 to Sunday, August 19. Lodging, dining, boats, guides and expertise were furnished by Ballard’s Resort of Baudette MN. Greg reports that they caught a lot of fish, including a 26-inch walleye, the 3rd largest fish caught by the group, landed by Kyle Mahrer, and a 29-inch walleye, the largest walleye caught by the group, taken by Derek Hanson’s Dad. Good fishing, good food and good friends. What more could you want?

Locally, Silver Lake Park Manager Sue Seelye reports that fishing success has picked up at Silver Lake since cooler weather moved in on Tuesday, August 14. A newly obtained boat dock has been installed at the south boat landing, Sue reports, and with the other docks and fishing piers at the lake, access to good fishing is the easiest it has ever been. 2018 is shaping up to be a record year for camping and recreation at Sargent County’s Silver Lake Park, states Sue. Sue also reported that the North Dakota Game & Fish Department, in cooperation with the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Sargent County Park Board, the Cogswell Gun Club and the Cogswell American Legion, has installed a new boat ramp at Kraft Lake, near Crete, in northwestern Sargent County. The new boat ramp is made of concrete and is in a more convenient location than was the previous, temporary steel ramp. From Kraft Lake to Lake Tewaukon, Sargent County is southeastern North Dakota’s fishing paradise.

Orvis & Alphie Pearson of this community accompanied their son and daughter-in-law, Randy & Cheri Pearson, to Medora last weekend. Randy reports that this year’s Medora Musical in the Burning Hills Amphitheater was one of the best performances he has seen there. Randy also reports that from Jamestown west the corn and soybeans showed progressively more stress and damage due to drought conditions. Sargent County is the garden spot of the State, according to Randy. We agree. Also in Medora this past weekend were Curt & Judy Silseth of this community.

In Rutland, preparations for Uff-Da Day XXXIV on Sunday, October 7, are proceeding under a full head of steam. Lefse Lena and her helpers have been playing around in the kitchen of the Rutland Town Hall, and report that 1,893 lefse have been produced, not counting the ones eaten by Lena and the crew, as of Tuesday evening, August 21, and they haven’t even gotten serious yet! Anyone who wants to get in on the fun, and maybe learn a few lefse making techniques, too, can give Uff-Da Day Chairperson Marcia Brakke a call at 763-221-7862. There are lots of other Uff-Da Day activities, too, so, if lefse isn’t your thing, give Marcia a call and find out what else is happening. ROMMEGROT, LEFSE, TAKK SKAL DE HA! UFF-DA DAY IN RUTLAND, JA, JA, JA!

The 20th annual Rutland Sportsmen’s Club’s Youth Day was held from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 19, at the John Narum Memorial Trap & Rifle Range 3 miles west and 1½ mile south of Rutland. Morning rains and a cool, damp afternoon held participation down somewhat, but Club member Norbert Kulzer reports that about 147 boys and girls were on hand to get some hands-on experience with shotguns, rifles, and archery & fishing equipment. The event, intended to acquaint the youth of the community with the safe and responsible use of firearms and natural resources, is sponsored by the Rutland Sportsmen’s Club, the Sargent County Chapter of Pheasants Forever and the Windy Mound Chapter of the Wild Turkey Federation. A more complete report, including the names of door prize winners, will be in The Rooster Crows next week, according to Club Secretary/Treasurer Travis Paeper.

Meanwhile, on the national scene, the quote of the week is from the President’s attorney in the Russian election tampering case. Former U. S. Attorney and Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani said, “The truth is not the truth!” Well, then, what is it? Is it a lie? If the truth is a lie, is a lie the truth? It’s no wonder this President is in trouble. Even comic book super heroes like Superman, who fought for “Truth, Justice and The American Way,” would have problems navigating the labyrinth of distraction, disinformation and deception currently emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. If the truth is not the truth, is justice not justice, and what about the American way? We’ll probably have to wait for Vladimir Putin to straighten it all out. As of Friday, August 24, 2018, there will be 83 weeks down and 125 to go until January 20, 2021. Is that true? Ask Rudy!

That’s the news from Rutland for this week. For additional information about what’s going on in the little city that can, check out the community’s internet web site at, and stop by the Rutland Facebook page while you’re at it, too. Remember to patronize your local Post Office, and don’t forget to keep the pressure on the U. S. Postal Service and the North Dakota Congressional delegation to SAVE OUR POST OFFICE! Later.

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