Hens Do Crow! – February 15, 2019

By Deborah Banish

Despite snow, cold and wind, 92 brave souls made it to the Rutland Town Hall on the morning of Sunday, February 3, to fortify themselves for that afternoon’s Super Bowl game with a hearty breakfast of Biscuits & Gravy served with scrambled eggs, coffee and orange juice. The breakfast was prepared and served by members of Bergman-Evenson Post #215 of the American Legion. Some of the Sargent Central High School music students who are planning to participate in the Northern Ambassadors of Music tour of Europe this coming Summer also volunteered to assist with the effort. The Legion Post has contributed to the fund established to assist those students who will be participating in the European tour.  Proceeds of the breakfast were also used to help defray extra expenses incurred by a fellow Legionnaire who had recently undergone serious back surgery. Rutland’s Unit #215 of the American Legion Auxiliary also held a sale of home baked goods during the breakfast, allowing football fans to load up on extra cookies, bars, muffins and other good stuff prior to the big game. The New England Patriots, who had biscuits and gravy for breakfast, defeated the Los Angeles Rams, who did not.  The score was: Patriots 13 – Rams 3. That’s the difference between starting the day with a hearty breakfast and trying to play in the big game with the fuel tank on EMPTY!

A large group of family and friends gathered at the Rutland Hall on Saturday, February 9th for a “Rocking the 60s” party. Wayne Maloney turned 65 in December and Pam (Jacobson) Maloney turned 60 in January and what better reason to hold a party in the cold of winter. Pam’s family provided a “Maloney/Jacobson” rendition of the 12 days of Christmas highlighting events in Pam and Wayne’s lives. Attendees helped stock the food pantry instead of bearing gifts for the birthday couple. The party featured a photo booth, food, dancing and singing – the karaoke was a big hit but that was to be expected from the available pool of talent in the Jacobson/ Christensen/Maloney households.

The Arizona snowbirds from Sargent County met again this month as reported by Curt Larson: “The morning of Monday, February 11 was the monthly breakfast for the Sargent County group. We had a pretty good showing, despite having a few of the regulars missing. Attending today were: Al Ciota & Clarice Ordahl; Jim & Kathryn Gaukler; Curt & Renee Larson; Orvis Pearson; Pat Prindiville; Marlys Stevens; Larry & Peggy Swanson; Kathleen Thomas; Gwen Young. Guests today were Roger Pearson and his daughter, Brenda Gibbon. Roger said that its been too cold and snowy to go fishing in North Dakota. I’m sure that has been hard for him, since fishing is his life. Of course, the snow and cold in North Dakota was the main topic for today and the main reason why many of us are here in sunny Arizona. Temps here have been slightly below average, although northern Arizona has had record snow fall. That’s all for now. And remember, keep smiling.” Thanks to Curt for the report.

Things may be quiet in Rutland these days – aside from the heavy winter snowfalls and school closings – but there is no lack of activities to keep you warm. Upcoming events include Rutland Fun Night on Sunday, February 24; Rutland Sportsman’s Club annual fish fry March 1; Community theater and spaghetti feed on Friday, March 22. Remember to check the Rutland website at www.rutlandnd.com for events and activities in Rutland. Stay informed and stay warm.


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