Hens Do Crow! March 22, 2019

By Deborah Banish

Spring has sprung or at least the calendar says it has. Looking outside our windows certainly shows another season that just does not want to end. That last punch of winter left a mess everywhere. Most people knew it was time to stay home. There were a few brave – or crazy – souls that ventured out in the storm and some required rescue which brought more out to the crazy winter. School was cancelled Friday to the delight of the school kids. The State highways and area roads had five-foot or more snowdrifts.  The state brought in snowblowers to help clear the blocked highways and area farmers were clearing farmsteads and township roads to get out. By Saturday afternoon, some areas were close to back to normal but it was a longer recovery. I think it is safe to say that everyone is done with winter. Come on Spring and Summer!

Roads were clear on Saturday, March 16th, so several Rutland residents headed over to Forman for a Legislative Forum sponsored by the Sargent County Farm Bureau and the Sargent County Farmers Union. Senator Jim Dotzenrod and Representatives Sebastian Ertelt and Kathy Skroch made it to Forman through the morning fog. Each of the District 26 Legislators discussed proposed legislation and bills. The Prairie Dog Bill will bring some of the oil money to the non-oil counties and cities but funding may not come until 2021. The State will be taking over social services from the counties. The plan is to have 19 zones rather than each of the 53 counties providing social services. Ransom, Richland and Sargent Counties are working together to establish a consolidated social services for the three counties. The deadline to have something established is January 1, 2020 or the State will dictate how and where the services are provided. Some of the other topics covered included long-term care funding, the Trespass bill, Medical Marijuana, and the State Veterans Home funding.

The Democratic NPL District 26 Party held the District Reorganization meeting on Saturday, March 16, at the Rutland City Hall. The primary order of business was the election of Officers with a final roster as follows: Kyla Temple, Chair; Cam Gulleson, Vice Chairman; Jayne Pfau, Vice Chairwoman; Bryce Carlson, Secretary; Sheila Wyum, Treasurer. Discussion at the meeting focused on fundraising, increasing membership, identifying potential candidates and expanding the use of the district social media accounts.

The Rutland Community Club met on Monday, March 18 at the Town Hall. The Club discussed Fun Night which was deemed another success with over 100 in attendance. Members voted to purchase additional high chairs and booster seats for the Hall as well as another metal table for the kitchen. The Rutland play, generally held in March, is being postponed due to actor illnesses and schedules; another date will be determined. Uffda Day planning is starting and the Club is seeking an individual to serve as the point person and handle the overall coordination. The Club voted to purchase seven flower pots to be placed at the businesses along Main Street to beautify Rutland this summer. The Memorial Day program will be held on Monday, May 27, with the Club providing the scallop potatoes for the potluck meal.  Elections were held with a new slate of Officers: President – Katie McLaen; Vice President – Carolyn Christensen; Secretary – Andrea Erickson; Treasurer – Hal Nelson; Members at Large – Morgan Peterson and Marcia Brakke.

The Rutland Community Club is accepting entries for the Uffda Day T-shirt contest through March 31. Design should be simple and include the words “Uffda Day 2019.” It should be unique with a Scandinavian influence and the design should depict the event’s purpose to celebrate our Scandinavian heritage. Applicants may submit more than one entry. The winner will receive $50.00 and will have their name and design printed in the Sargent County Teller in April and will be announced on the Rutland City website and Facebook pages. Please submit entries in person to Rutland City Hall, 115 Gay Street, by mail to Rutland City Hall, P.O. Box 181, Rutland, ND 58067-0181 or, by email to rutlandnd@drtel.net

Joe Breker and a group of the surviving early adopters of no-till farming recently had a historic summit at Coteau des Prairies Lodge. These pioneers had a big role in starting the “Soil Health Revolution”. The event was also attended by journalists in the media who have been writing and reporting about this phenomenon. An article featuring Joe and his no-till friends is on the cover of the March 2019 special issue of Successful Farming, a national publication. For more check out the article at https://www.agriculture.com/crops/conservation/join-the-soil-health-revolution

Keep your calendars open so you can head over to Forman on Sunday, April 7, to support the Sargent Central Ambassadors at a brunch at Forman City Hall. The Forman Community Club and the Ambassadors will share in the proceeds from the brunch that will be held from 10 a.m. to Noon. The five Ambassadors – Tyler Banish, Ethan Bergeman, Eric Bergeman, Kiauna Bergh and Thomas Mehrer – will hold other fundraisers as the opportunity arises. The Ambassadors will have a free-will bake sale at the Sargent Central School PreK-8 concert on Tuesday, March 26 starting at 7 p.m. Come and enjoy the concert and support the High School Students attending the International Ambassadors of Music tour to Europe in July.

Upcoming Events include the Rutland City Council meeting on Monday, April 1; the Rutland Board of Equalization meeting on Monday, April 15.

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