Hens Do Crow! April 19, 2019

By Deborah Banish

On Thursday, April 11, Mother Nature decided to remind us that she is in control, dropping another twelve to fifteen inches of snow on the area. Schools closed for another two days due to the snow and winds that blew for the two days.  On Friday afternoon many people started clearing away the snow which was wet and heavy and muddied yards even more.

Early on Saturday, April 13, several Sargent Central Students made their way to Hankinson for the Regional Music Contest for vocal and instrumental. The Regional Contest was moved from Thursday, April 11, in Wahpeton to Saturday in Hankinson due to Mother Nature’s interference. Despite the delay all the youth attending from Sargent Central, North Sargent, Milnor, Hankinson and Lidgerwood provided a wonderful display of talent to the judges. Sargent Central had fifteen total starring – seven choir and eight band. The Sargent Central students who starred and will go to the State Contest will perform at the State Bound Fine Arts Concert on Monday, April 29th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Sargent Central Activity Center. Seats can be reserved for $5.00 in advance (includes a dessert and beverage) by contacting Kaia Mahrer at Sargent Central High School, 724-3205. Bleacher seating is available at no charge. Funds raised go to the High School Music Department. Reservation deadline is Friday, April 26th.

Milnor and Sargent Central High Schools held a combined Prom this year on the evening of Saturday, April 13. “The Golden Gala” was held at Milnor High School and 34 finely-dressed young couples participated in the Grand March. The school auditorium was filled with family and friends cheering on the students and taking a myriad of photographs. Once the crowd left, the Prom was held followed by the Post Prom celebration that started at midnight and ended around 4 a.m. Sunday morning. Needless to say, there were many teens with sleep deprivation moving slowly, if at all, on Sunday.

Last Saturday was a busy evening for adults as well as over 100 people headed to The Lariat Bar in Rutland. People came to congratulate Chuck and MaryBeth Anderson on their retirements. Chuck worked for the ND State Department of Transportation Forman shop and MaryBeth worked at Sargent Central School in Forman. Chuck was able to relax during the latest snow storm on Thursday instead of heading out to clear the roads and MaryBeth didn’t have to get to the classroom. Congratulations to both of you and enjoy your retirement.

Sunday, April 14th,  was time to party with the Erickson Clan. There was a large gathering of family and friends at the Nordland Lutheran Church Parish Hall to celebrate the 90th birthday of Phyllis Erickson. Congratulations to Phyllis on this milestone birthday and cheers to many more!

The Rutland Board of Tax Equalization met Monday, April 15th, at City Hall. County Tax Assessor Denise Ferderer was present to hear comments and concerns from residents and the Council. The issue of State-mandated increases two years ago has been a major factor in the property tax increases in Rutland. The City has no control over the State and County increases; however, the City budget plays a part in the increases as well. It was suggested that the information on the Homestead Credit be made available at the Senior Center so that more individuals are aware of the Credit that can help lower their taxes. Residents may also contact the Tax Assessor for individual reviews of their property to determine if the valuation can be reduced which would result in lowering the property tax liability.

The Easter Bunny will make a presence in Rutland on Saturday, April 20th, in the Town Hall. The egg hunt begins promptly at 10:00 a.m. for youth age 0-11. Pictures will be available so be sure to bring a camera. Come to Rutland to watch the fun.

Happy Easter everyone!

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