Rutland Trivia

This year’s Rutland Block Party included a trivia contest about Rutland. Three teams competed to answer the following questions. The Team of Norbert Kulzer, Pam Maloney, and Lori McLaen, won with 9 points! Test your knowledge about Rutland. Answers are at the end. How did you do?

1.   What was the original name of the town of Rutland?

2.   Number of pieces of lefse made for the 2018 Uffda Day Celebration?

3.   How many pounds was the World largest flipped hamburger and during what year was it made?

4.   How many single family houses are there in Rutland?

5.   What was the year of the last graduating class in Rutland?

6.   How many post office boxes are there in the Rutland Post office?

7.   What township is Rutland in?

8.   How long has Ronald Narum been mayor?

9.   What are the ingredients in scalloped potatoes?

10. In 1949 a pitcher for the Rutland Roosters amateur baseball team set a record for strikeouts in a single game in the ND state Baseball tournament. Who was the pitcher AND how many strikeouts did he throw?

11. What year according to the census (20s 30s 40s 50s etc) did Rutland have the highest population?

12.  To the nearest hundred thousand how many hundred thousand gallons of fuel did Herby sell at Rutland oil in 2018?

13.  What was the name of Benard Mahrer Construction Inc. before it was incorporated in 1979?


  1. Stewart
  2. 3,500 pieces;
  3. 3,591 lbs in 1982 – give yourself two points if you got them both right!;
  4. 86 single-family homes;
  5. 1963 was the last graduating class;
  6. 171 PO boxes;
  7. Trick question! Rutland is in two townships – Ransom and Rutland;
  8. Ronnie Narum has been Mayor for 47 years;
  9. Ingredients for scallop potatoes are potatoes, cream, onion and ham (some argue a bit of water or a dash of salt but NO);
  10. Leif Sundlie had 20 strikeouts (and the record still holds). Two points.
  11. In 1950 Rutland had its highest population of 309 residents;
  12. Rutland Oil sold 800,000 gallons of fuel in 2018. As of this June, Rutland Oil will have been in the Donaldson Family for 3 generations and 2019 is the 100th year in business!
  13. Bernard Mahrer Construction was originally called C & B Construction – C & B stood for Chuck and Bernie, brothers who started in the business in the 50s.

Let us know how well you did on the trivia!

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