Hens Do Crow! July 17, 2020

The Rutland City Council met on Monday, July 6, with Mayor Mahrer presiding. The City Council discussed the Public Works vacancy and the difficulty in obtaining applicants for the position. The job description will be reviewed and modified for further discussion at the August meeting. Three Rutland residents applied for the Council vacancy as a result of the recent City election. The Council selected Colton Corry to fill the vacant two-year term. The City Auditor provided a summary of the 2021 anticipated expenditures and revenue projections and asked for input from the Council. The information will be used to develop budget scenarios for consideration at the next meeting on August 10th when the Council will need to approve the 2021 preliminary budget. The Council discussed the need for street repairs, water line improvements, and sidewalk replacement along First Street as soon as possible. Further discussion on those items and the budget will be held at the August 10 Council meeting.

Roger Pearson and Lary Arneson went fishing at Dry Lake near Ashley ND on Sunday, July 12. They returned on Sunday evening with 2 limits of walleyes. Roger and Lary had been fishing, without much success, in local wet lakes and at a couple of past hotspots in South Dakota for the past several weeks. Well, if they’re not biting in wet lakes, try a Dry Lake. The creative fisherman thinks outside the box.

Over 100 individuals stopped by the Rutland Veterans Memorial Park to attend the first Farmers Market event on Sunday, July 12. Sellers brought their garden produce, baked, and canned goods, eggs, beef and more. The event was sponsored by the Rutland Community Club. Two additional dates for the Rutland Farmers Market have been scheduled for Sunday, August 9, and Sunday, September 13, from 5 to 6 p.m.  The goal is to have food vendors and picnic tables available at the next Market dates for more socializing and to allow social distancing.

The Rutland community has acquired another new citizen, the old-fashioned way. Everett Hayes Erickson was born to Jake & Taryn Erickson of this community on Monday, July 13, at Sanford Hospital in Fargo. Everett weighed in at 8 pounds 11 ounces. Everett will reside with his parents and two-year old brother, Easton, at the Erickson farm southeast of Rutland. He is the 6th generation of Erickson’s to reside on the family farm since it was homesteaded by his great-great-great-grandfather, August Erickson, back in the early 1880’s. Welcome to Rutland, Everett. We will expect to hear some stories and original songs from you in the future. Congratulations to the family and to Grandpa Larry Erickson and Great-Grandma Phyllis Erickson, both of Rutland, on the new arrival.

The Rutland Community Club met on Monday, July 13, to discuss recent and upcoming events. The Rutland Farmers Market was a success with over 100 individuals attending. More vendors were anticipated but were unable to attend. The Community Club scheduled the Back to School Block Party for Thursday, August 13, starting at 5:30 p.m. with social distancing in mind. The RCC will be selling T-shirts in August with pre-orders due by September 1. The order sheets will be distributed at the Block Party and several designs and shirt types will be available.  Kaia Mahrer was elected as a Director, filling the term recently vacated by Marcia Brekke. The Community Club is working on purchasing banners and holiday lights for First Street and pursuing a mural in town. More information will be presented at the next meeting on Monday, August 10, at 10:00 a.m. at City Hall. All community members are invited to attend.

The Census Count City contest ends on July 31 so be sure to get your Census completed soon. If you need assistance, plan to complete the census online on Tuesday, July 21, between 5 and 6:30 p.m. at the “Meet the Mayor” social event at City Hall. New Mayor Michael Mahrer will be present to share ideas and plans for Rutland. Stop by for cookies and lemonade. Come early so you can end the evening watching the Rutland Roosters game against Milnor at Sanderson Field which begins at 6:45 p.m. on that Tuesday.

The Sargent County Fair may have been cancelled but the ‘show will go on.’ Good luck to all the Rutland Raiders 4-H members – and all the Sargent County 4-H members – as they have virtual Zoom interviews next week for static 4-H projects with ‘private’ livestock shows at the Fairground.

That is it for the news from Rutland this week. Get that Census done!

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