Hens Do Crow – Sept. 18, 2020

People flocked to Rutland on Sunday, September 13, for the last Farmers Market of the 2020 season. There were thirteen vendors with fresh garden produce, beef products, canned and homemade goods along with education displays from the Sargent County Extension Office. The Rutland American Legion Auxiliary quickly sold out of their homemade goods and Diggers BBQ had another sold-out event. Everyone agrees that the Farmers Markets have been a welcome and successful event in Rutland and the word is that the Rutland Community Club plans to hold them again in 2021.

The Rutland City Council met on Monday, September 14th at City Hall, beginning with a public hearing on the 2021 budget. Following the budget hearing, the Council held its regular meeting and began with welcoming new member Colton Corry who had been appointed to the two-year vacancy on the Council. Bill Anderson attended the meeting and stressed the importance of every Rutland citizen being counted in the 2020 Census. He noted that everyone living in the US is required by law to be counted and it is important so that the City, County and State, receive their share of Federal funding. People are only required to respond to the questions regarding residency – that they live at the address and to report the other individuals who also live at the address. A telephone tree may be needed in Rutland to get an accurate count; the Census count ends September 30. The Council approved the 2021 budget, the City financial report and the payment of bills. The next City Council meeting will be Monday, October 5.

The Rutland Community Club met Monday evening, September 14th at City Hall to discuss the two most recent successful events: The Block Party and the Farmers Market. Both had good turnouts and good comments were received. The Club agreed to hold the 2021 Farmers Market events on the second Sunday in July, August, and September. They hope to continue with the good turnout in vendors and hope to have two or three food vendors next year as many come to visit, shop, and eat. The Community Club will soon be offering Rutland T-shirts and sweatshirts for sale due to popular demand. The information will be on the Facebook page and flyers will also be available in town. A mural is being planned to be painted on the Rutland Oil building and that project will begin next spring. The next Community Club meeting will be held in November, primarily to plan Santa Day in December.

That is if for the news from Rutland this week. Stay up to date on what is happening in town by checking the Rutland website at www.rutland.com or follow the news – and see pictures and videos – on the Rutland Facebook page.

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