Hens Do Crow! Oct. 2, 2020

Debbie Liermark of this community informed friends here last week that she has resigned from her position as a Regional Manager for the Dollar General Store chain of stores and has accepted a new position as Regional Manager for the Casey’s chain of convenience stores in southeastern North Dakota. She will be overseeing twenty stores, she said, with four of them situated in Fargo. The Casey’s stores in Ellendale, Oakes and Lisbon will also be in her territory. In addition, Debbie says that Casey’s is planning to expand the number of its stores in her region. Ms. Liermark’s many friends here wish her well in her new venture.

Dick Meyers informed friends here on Monday, September 28, that “The Family Committee” and the falling temperatures have encouraged him to commence his annual migration to the sunny southwest on Tuesday, September 29. He plans to spend a few weeks visiting at the homes of his son and 3 daughters in Minnesota before taking wing to Phoenix AZ and his winter roost in Sun City. Dick says that he plans to be back in Rutland by Memorial Day 2021, when he expects the covid-19 pandemic to be an unpleasant, and fading, memory. In the meantime, he will be practicing his golf swing in preparation for next year’s “Seniors’ Tour.”

Speaking of Dick Meyers, there are a few corrections for the story about one of Dick’s experiences in Korea back in 1951 that appeared here last week. First, the last name of the Marine Lieutenant whose memory Dick honors every September is “Ramer,” not Rammer. According to Dick, the men of Item Company often called LT George Ramer “the Rammer,” but the correct spelling is Ramer. Second, Company I, called Item Company, was in the 3rd Battalion of the 7th Marines, not the 2nd. Third, at the time LT Ramer reached the crest of the ridge at the Punchbowl back on September 12, 1951, only 8 of the 42 men in his platoon were still unwounded and alive, and they had to face a massive enemy counterattack. LT Ramer ordered his able-bodied Marines to take the dead and wounded back down the hill while he provided covering fire. He was killed in action while protecting his surviving men from the Chinese assault. Thanks for the corrections, Dick, and for the remembrance.

The Rutland City Council will meet on Monday, October 5, at 5 p.m. with the City Engineer attending to discuss capital needs and potential funding sources. The Council will also be approving a liquor license for The Lariat Bar which will be opening again soon. Everyone is welcome to attend the Council meetings that are held at City Hall the first Monday of each month at 5 p.m. Social distancing is observed. 

This coming weekend would have been the 2020 Uffda Day celebration but it has been canceled due to COVID and gathering restrictions. BK Custom Ts & More is selling Uffda 2020 apparel with 10% of the sales benefitting the Rutland Community Club. Orders are being taken now and ends October 9th. For ordering information, check out the website at https://uffdaday2020.itemorder.com/sale.

That is it for this week from Rutland. A big thank you to Bill Anderson to providing most of this week’s news. Keep up to date on the Rutland Facebook page and the Rutland website!

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