The Rooster Crows – June 29, 2018

By Bill Anderson

“Doesn’t it ever quit raining around here?” Wait a minute! Wasn’t it only about 10 days ago that the question was, “Doesn’t it ever rain around here?” How fickle are we, anyway? The thunderstorm that rumbled and rolled through the area on Saturday night and Sunday morning, June 23 & 24, dropped 1.1 inch of rain on Rutland, according to Roger Pearson’s rain gauge at 409 Gay Street. Another series of showers on Sunday afternoon and evening left another .88 of an inch, making the total 1.98, that’s darned close to 2, inches for the 24-hour period. Jim Lunneborg reported 1 inch, even, at his Shuman Township farm, and Doug Spieker reported 3.1 inches of rain at his Tewaukon Township farmstead while his neighbors to the west, Joe & Patty Breker, had 3.25 inches in their rain gauge on Monday morning. The countryside is full of green and growing crops, with what some producers believe to be sufficient moisture now to pull the wheat crop through to maturity and get the beans and corn well along the path toward a good harvest. Mike Walstead reported that he checked one of his corn fields this past weekend and found that the top leaf was nearly chest high. The days when “knee high by the 4th of July” was the harbinger of a good corn crop are long gone. It’s still a long way from the field to the bin, though, and many perils lay in wait between here and there, so keep your fingers crossed!

Rutland native Judie (Anderson-Seavert) Grohs, now residing on the shores of Lake Traverse near Rosholt SD, sent a correction to a report that appeared in the Rooster Crows column back on June 8. Here’s Judie’s message: “Thanks for mentioning the Sargent Central Class of ’68 Reunion in the Rooster Crows. Good story but I need a bit of a correction. The reunion at the Silver Lake Pavilion is on the 4th of August, only, starting at 2:00 p.m. A catered supper is at 5:00. With all the activities in Rutland that day, (The Rutland Rib-Fest is on Saturday, August 4, with ribs, music, etc.) the class of 68 should find plenty to keep them busy if they find all us Oldies too boring. Anyway, we have a few classmates excited about returning to visit with all the rest of our classmates. Hoping more will let me know they are coming. They can always call me at 701-640-9522 to make sure we have enough food and other goodies for the event.” Thanks to Judie for the correction. Best wishes to the members of the SCHS Class of ’68 on your 50thAnniversary Reunion on Saturday, August 4, at Silver Lake.

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The Rooster Crows – March 5, 2010

By Bill Anderson

That all roads lead to Rutland has long been well known throughout this region, however, Toni Hajek witnessed an episode last Thursday that indicates the community may be attracting visitors from even more distant vistas. While driving in to work at The Rutland General Store at 6:45 on the morning of Thursday, February 25, Toni reports that she saw a bright flashing light that looked like a huge fireworks display descending over the northeast corner of Rutland. At the time, Toni was in her car on County Highway #10, near the Prindiville farm on the south side of the city.  At the same time, Mike Kulzer was in the kitchen of his farm home, about ½ mile east of town, and reports that he noticed the brilliant light, too, but did not see the actual fireball. No debris or impact craters have been spotted, so the source of the phenomenon is uncertain at this time. One theory on the UFO is that extra-terrestrial star trekkers may have been dropping in for a visit to Rutland, either a couple of days early for the February 28 Sunday Brunch at the Rutland General Store & Cafe, or a little more than a week early for the Rutland Sportsmen’s Club’s annual fish fry on Friday, March 5, in the Rutland Town Hall. After traveling at the speed of light for 10 years or more to get here from the nearest star system possessing a planet with the possibility of supporting life, being off by a few days is still pretty good timing. One can only speculate on what these inter-galactic voyagers might say upon being introduced to the cooks and kitchen crew at this Friday’s fish fry. Possibly, “Golly, Toto!  It looks like we’re not in Alpha-Centauri any more!” Anyway, they would soon find out that everyone’s welcome in Rutland, and would be put to work rehearsing an act for the Community Club’s “Gong Show” entertainment coming up on Saturday, March 20. They would fit right in, as the entertainment is usually out of this world. There’s no guarantee that they’ll be there, but the rest of us will have to be, just to find out.

Some terrestrial travelers did make a landing back on home ground last Thursday, February 25, though, when Joe & Patty Breker and Mark & Kathy Wyum of this community arrived back home after a 10 day winter vacation visit half way around the globe to Australia. Also among the explorers were Joe’s brother & sister-in-law, Eugene & Kathy Breker of West Fargo, Dennis & Jodie Haugen of Hannaford, ND, and Kerry & Linda Swindler of Mott, ND. Cliff & Janet Kiefer of Cayuga had originally intended to fly south of the Equator as part of the group, but a last minute passport glitch kept them home.  The Kiefer’s are considering a trip to the same destination later this Spring. Joe and Mark report a very enjoyable time in “The Land Down Under,” where it is now mid-Summer, even though Mark did sustain a sunburn on his shoulders and the top of his head while swimming in the ocean. The group toured areas in and around Sydney, on the southern continent’s southeastern shore, and attended a farm equipment show at which Eugene demonstrated a no-till planter for his employer, Amity Manufacturing of Wahpeton, ND. The travelers were favorably impressed by the people and country of Australia, but reported that, as much fun as it is to go there, it feels even better to get back home. For additional information on kangaroos, wombats, didgeridoos, boomerangs, dingo dogs, ostriches, emus and other exotic sights, sounds & creatures, as well as the condition of agriculture in Australia, stop by the Round Table at the Rutland General Store at about 3:30 most afternoons.

A couple of long-time Rutland folks have recently taken up residence at Four Seasons Healthcare Center in Forman. Eugene Bergman and Hazel Preble moved to the Center from their apartments here during the month of February. Their new address is: 483 4th Street Southwest, Forman ND 58032.

A report was received here on Saturday morning that Rutland native Olga (Sundlie) Olson had passed away at an Aberdeen, South Dakota, nursing home late on the evening of Friday, February 26, at the age of 82 years. Mrs. Olson had been enduring ill health for the past few years. She was the youngest daughter of the late O. P. and Petra (Klassen) Sundlie of Rutland Township, and was a 1946 graduate of Rutland High School. Her husband, Dean, preceded her in death several years ago. She is survived by: 1 son; 1 daughter; 2 sisters, Hazel Preble of Forman and Phyllis Lee of Oakes; and, 1 brother, Leif Sundlie of Palm Springs CA. The funeral service will be held in Bethel Lutheran Church in Aberdeen at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 6. Throughout the years, Mrs. Olson has been a frequent visitor in her old home town and maintained ties with friends and family here. The Rutland community extends its sympathy to the family of Olga Olson.

Uncle Ed Erickson drove down to Rutland from his home near Buffalo Lake on Monday morning, March 1, and stopped in at the Rutland Café for some breakfast and conversation. Ed reports that he and Marlys had just returned from a trip through Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana on the previous day, Sunday, February 28. The purpose of the trip was to deliver a number of the “Eagle” ditching machines produced by Erickson Manufacturing to customers and dealers in those States. Ed stated that sales were down and business was slow last Fall, but that sales have been picking up nicely since the first of the year and the business picture is much brighter now. The Eagle is a machine that removes silt and sand from road and drainage ditches, quickly and economically. Ed invented and developed the machine in his farm shop several years ago, then formed Erickson Manufacturing, a family owned corporation, to manufacture and market the machines. If you have ditches that need cleaning, call Erickson Manufacturing. If you have a problem that a ditcher can’t cure, call Uncle Ed, and he’ll invent a machine to take care of it for you.

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City Hall Renovation Needs

At the Rutland Community Club meeting earlier this week one of the items discussed was the bathroom renovation which had been in the planning stages for several months – or is it years?  The discussion brought up the issue of all the needs in the Town Hall including a new heating unit and insulation in addition to handicap accessible bathrooms.  We were told that if some maintenance is not done on the building soon we could lose it.  It is estimated that the cost to update the building would be close to $100,000.

The City of Rutland does not have the funds to do what needs to be done.  Residents are writing grants and planning fundraisers but that will not be enough.  Letters have been sent to current and former Rutland residents informing them of these needs and to ask for donations for a maintenance and rehabilitation fund for Rutland Town Hall.  As seen above, the building looks good from the outside and appears clean and white but as we know looks can be deceiving.

Donations are asked to be sent to the Rutland Community Club, PO Box 65, Rutland ND 58067.  If anyone knows a potential source of large funding for a city building renovation, please let us know.  During these tough economic times we need to identify and approach any and every available source.

The Rooster Crows – February 8, 2008

By Bill Anderson

Irv Rustad of Lake Agassiz Regional Council met with a group composed of the Rutland Renaissance Zone Board, Zoning Board, City Council, Housing Authority and other interested citizens, in the Nordland Fellowship Hall at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 30, to discuss revisions and updates to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance. Participants went through the Comprehensive Plan and updated goals based on the findings of the community forums held by the Horizons Program during the past year. The next step in the process will be to propose changes in the City’s Zoning Ordinance to make it consistent with the goals set out in the Comprehensive Plan. Mr. Rustad is the Executive Director of the Fargo based Lake Agassiz Regional Council.

The Horizons Steering Committee met on Thursday, January 30, to allocate the $1,500 grant recently approved by the Northwest Area Foundation. The grant was distributed $500.00 to the advertising committee, $500 to the community recreation center committee and $500 to the housing committee to help them meet the goals set last year. If the Horizons Program stays on schedule, the committee will be eligible for another $8,500 from the NWAF next Summer, says Horizons Program coordinator Carolyn Christensen.

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