Hens Do Crow! March 13, 2020

Rutland was quite a popular place to be this past week – but then isn’t it always?!

The Rutland Sportsman’s Club annual fish fry was held Friday, March 6, at the Town Hall with over 400 people attending this year. The pan-fried and deep-fried fish is always a hit. There were times when the demand was more than the supply, but the Club members kept those wait times short. Members of the Sargent Central Clay Target League held a free-will bake sale at the fish fry and there were plenty of desserts to be purchased. It was another great event. Put it on your calendar for the first Friday of March 2021!

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Fishy Fishy

Rutland Sportsman Club Fry

Last Friday I attended my first Rutland Sportman Club Fish Fry.  This was the 26th fish fry for the Club, held annually the first Friday in March. The Club members spent three days at the Hall setting up and preparing the feast.  They sold nearly all 550 tickets for the event so the town was a busy place that Friday.   I enjoyed the meal which consisted of deep fried or pan fried Northern (OK, I took both), baked potato, coleslaw  and beverages.  It was an all-you-can-eat event.  Club members came around with fish for seconds and, while a few people grabbed more, one trip through the line was about all I could handle. Besides, I needed to save room for that after-dinner drink at The Lariat. Lots of folks flowed over to the Lariat for a bit more socializing and imbibing throughout the evening.

The next big feed in Rutland will be the annual Palm Sunday Dinner hosted by Nordland Lutheran Church (but don’t forget about the play on March 16th!).