The Rooster Crows – Feb. 4, 2022

By Bill Anderson

Here it is! The Rooster Crows is back! This writer’s move to a different residence in Rutland is still a work in progress, but the people and pets have relocated somewhat successfully. There are still boxes to open and unpack, and needed items to locate, but, on the bright side, some items have been found that haven’t been seen since the last move, back in 2019. If anyone finds a Rutland High School letterman’s jacket, Class of ’63, please let me know.

The bitterly cold weather endured by North Dakotans throughout the month of January has continued into February. The Ground Hog, Rutland Rasputin, saw his shadow on Ground Hog’s Day, Wednesday, February 2, presaging at least 6 more weeks of winter for this area. Had Rasputin not seen his shadow, winter weather would only have lasted for another 42 days. The high winds and blowing snow that hit the region on the evening of Monday, January 31, and continued on into Tuesday, February 1, even caused Waste Management to reschedule the regular Tuesday morning trash pickup to Wednesday, February 2. Rutland residents were notified of the change by telephone on Tuesday morning. A personal robo-call from the community’s garbage service provider is always appreciated.

The Rutland community was saddened to learn that Violet (Olson) Wyum, a lifelong member of the Rutland community, had passed away on the evening of Tuesday, February 1, at the age of 97 years. She was residing at Four Seasons Healthcare Center in Forman at the time of her death.  Additional information about Violet Wyum’s life among us will be in next week’s column.  Funeral arrangements had not yet been made as of this writing.  Price Funeral Chapel of Forman & Britton will be in charge of arrangements.

The Rutland Post Office is still missing and unaccounted for. It is expected that pictures of the most recent Postal Clerks to serve in the Rutland Post Office will soon be appearing on milk cartons in southeast North Dakota. The old saying used to be, “No news is good news,” but, in the case of the U. S. Postal Service, no news is just no news. As of Monday, January 31, four months after the front door was locked, the situation remains: No Action; No Information; No Service; and No Post Office.

Kelly (Anderson) Hawkenson of Lewistown MT arrived in Rutland on the evening of Thursday, January 13, to assist her uncle, Bill Anderson of this community, get packed up and ready to relocate from his former residence at 217 First Street to the house owned by Paul Anderson at 309 Gay Street. Kelly worked full time and full speed until she headed for home on Saturday, January 22. She is the daughter of Rutland native, the late Harvey O. Anderson, and the granddaughter of the late Earl W. & Irene O. Anderson of this community.

Mark & Kathy Wyum have purchased the house at 217 First Street in Rutland and have moved in during the last week of January. The Wyum’s son & daughter-in-law, Rob & Dana Wyum, and their family, have moved into Mark & Kathy’s former home on the NW¼ of Section 17 in Ransom Township, northeast of Rutland. Mark & Kathy have long been involved and active in the Rutland community, and the City of Rutland is proud to have them as new citizens. The original portion of their new residence was built by pioneer Rutland merchant C. E. Johnson back in 1902 as the first 2-story house in Rutland. In 2018 & 19, a new foundation was constructed for the house and a large addition was added to its east side by Bill Anderson & Kathy Brakke. Contractors involved in the 2018 & 19 remodeling and renovation project include: Buskohl Construction of Milnor, project manager and carpentry; Jacobson Plumbing, Heating & Excavating of Rutland, responsible for excavation of basement, plumbing, heating & air-conditioning work; Strege Construction of Wyndmere, concrete work; Heitkamp Construction of Wyndmere, dry-wall, taping & texturing; Nelson Electrical Service of Rutland, electrical work; and, Schmidt Moving of Wyndmere, lift up original house and move it so new foundation could be poured.

Sonja Christensen reports that 47 teams of pinochle players had pre-registered for the 26th Annual Rudy Anderson Memorial Pinochle Tournament as of Monday, January 31. Pinochle players interested in playing in the tourney can contact Sonja at 701-899-1463. The tournament will be held on Saturday, February 5, 2022, in the Rutland Town Hall. Coffee & rolls will be served commencing at 8:00 a.m., and play will begin at 9:00 a.m. The Rutland Community Club, Katie McLaen, Chairperson, will provide a morning and an afternoon lunch for tournament participants, as well as a Noon dinner featuring Rutland Scalloped Potatoes with ham. 

Hal Nelson of this community reports that his 3 sisters and brothers-in-law: Becky & Alan Wilke of North Branch MN; Lori & Larry Hruby of Beulah ND; and Tammy & Glen Tipton of North Branch MN; were visitors at his home in Rutland from Friday, January 28, to Sunday, January 30. Hal’s sisters and their spouses were in town to celebrate their big brother’s birthday. Hal’s birthday was actually on January 3, but coordinating schedules required that the party be held on the last, rather than the first, weekend in January. Hal’s many friends in Rutland join in wishing him a Happy Birthday, and many more. When Hal was born, President Dwight D. Eisenhower was just about to begin the final year of his first term in the White House.

Rutland resident Victor J. “Big Joe” Malstrom took an ambulance ride up to Essentia Hospital in Fargo on the evening of Sunday, January 30. As of the morning of Wednesday, February 2, Joe was still a hospital patient, although an increasingly impatient one, undergoing tests to determine the best treatment for his condition. Joe’s many friends in Rutland wish him a speedy recovery and return to his home here.

Norbert Kulzer reports that his youngest granddaughter, Brooke Kulzer, a student at SDSU in Brookings SD, has been working as an intern with the US Fish & Wildlife Service near Monticello Arkansas, just north of the Louisiana border. The group Brooke has been working with has been banding ducks as part of the F&WS’ mission of tracking the travel patterns of migratory waterfowl. In most years, southern Arkansas would be a pleasant haven in mid-winter, but this year the cold has gone all the way to the Gulf Coast. Norbert says that Brooke is tough, though, and she can handle it.

Janet Kiefer reports that the VITALANT Blood Drive held in the Rutland Town Hall on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 1. Was smaller than usual but a successful event nonetheless. With a crew of only 3 members, a smaller number of donors could be accommodated, Janet said. The drive, which began at 1:00 p.m. and ended at 6:00 p.m., had 15 volunteer donors contributing 17 units of blood, according to Joanne Harris, a local volunteer helper. Another 4 volunteer donors had to be deferred due to low iron in their blood. The next blood drive scheduled for Rutland will be held in early June, when weather conditions are more favorable.

Some upcoming events in Rutland include: 26th Annual Rudy Anderson Memorial Pinochle Tournament with coffee & rolls at 8:00 a.m. and play commencing at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 5, in the Rutland Town Hall; Rutland City Council meeting at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 7, in the Rutland Town Hall; Rutland Community Club meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, February 14, in the Rutland Town Hall; Game Day from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 27, in the Nordland Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall; and, Rutland Sportsmen’s Club’s annual Great Northern Pike Fish Fry commencing at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 4, in the Rutland Town Hall.

Well, that’s the news from Rutland for this week. For additional information about what’s going on in the little city that can, check out the community’s internet web site at, and take a look at the Rutland Facebook page while you’re at it, too. Remember to patronize your local Post Office, and don’t forget to keep the pressure on the U. S. Postal Service and the North Dakota Congressional delegation to SAVE OUR POST OFFICE! Later.

One thought on “The Rooster Crows – Feb. 4, 2022

  1. Larry Colby

    Hello Bill I had breakfast the other morning with Kent Berg and a mutual friend of yours Neil person. I promised meal that I would mention his name the next time I had occasion to contact you on the Internet. He remembers your family as a fraternity brother and is now living in Bismarck retired and enjoying life.
    I am looking forward to having coffee with you sometime in July when I attend the Colby family reunion once again. Brother Doc and I both plan to attend and will enjoy redoing old acquaintances as we do most years. You take care and again I look forward to seeing you in July!


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