Hens Do Crow! May 31, 2019

By Deborah Banish

Sunday, May 26, was a day of celebration for two Rutland youths – Tyler Banish and Thomas Mehrer – and their classmates. The Sargent Central High School Graduation Ceremony was held in Forman with a class of ten graduating students. The program included a special music performance of “With a Little Help from my Friends” by The Beatles. Thomas learned bass for the song, Tyler played drums for the first time, and Eric Bergeman kept them all together on the keyboard with the rest of class playing percussion instruments. A video of the performance is available for viewing on the Sargent Central Sports Pictures Facebook Page. Congratulations to all the graduates on your future endeavors.

A large group of family and friends made it to Rutland for the Memorial Day Program on Monday, May 27th. The American Legion Bergman Evenson Post #215 held events at both the Nordland Lutheran Church Cemetery, which was still accessible by land, but the ground was still inundated from all the rains after the heavy snow, and at the Rutland Cemetery. Following the cemetery visits, around 100 people proceed to City Hall for a short program. American Legion Member Doug Olstad received his five-year service award. American Legion Auxiliary Members also received their member service awards: New Member – Delores Lysne; Ten-Year Members – Wendy Jacobson, Mathea Jablonsky, Donna Kubitz, Diane Smith; Twenty-five Year Member – Sonja Christensen; and Sixty-Year Member award – Lois Breker. Musical entertainment included songs sung by local talent accompanied by Miss Cora Millette. Following the program, a wonderful meal of scalloped potatoes and ham and a variety of salads and desserts were served.

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Hens Do Crow! – May 3, 2019

By Deborah Banish (and Bill Anderson)

Orvis & Alphie Pearson returned home after a winter in Arizona on Saturday, April 27. Orvis & Alphie have decided that they will spend next Winter with their friends and family in North Dakota. They are now in residence at Four Seasons Villa, the assisted living center in Forman, where they intend to make their home for the foreseeable future. Their grandson, Chris Pearson, is now residing on the Pearson family farm southeast of Rutland. Orvis & Alphie’s many friends here extend a hearty “Welcome Home!” to them.

Joanne Harris, Diana Anderson, Janet Kiefer, Bev Kulzer, and Janice Christensen attended the Sargent Central State Bound Music Concert on Monday, April 29, in Forman. They were among the many family and friends of the 35 extremely talented students who will compete in the State Music Region B Contest on Saturday, May 4th, in Bismarck. The music and songs were beautifully performed by the talented youth. Everyone wishes them congratulations at starring at the Regional contest and wishes them luck as they compete at the State Level.

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Hens Do Crow! April 26, 2019

By Deborah Banish

The 18th Annual Rutland Community Easter Egg Hunt was organized, produced and presented by the family of Jerry & Jeanne Leinen on the morning of Saturday, April 20, 2019, in the Rutland Town Hall. Leinen family matriarch and primary organizer of the event, Jeanne Leinen, reports that 1,015 Easter Eggs, one dozen more than last year, each one containing a prize or a prize certificate, were hidden throughout the Hall, waiting to be discovered by the 87 youngsters who enthusiastically participated in the event. After the eggs had been found, the boys and girls were admitted to “Grandma’s Garden,” where they were allowed to choose gifts from a vast selection compiled by Jeanne since Easter of 2018. In a new event for this year, the “Willy Wonka Contest,” youngsters who Found the Golden Tootsie Pop Stick were entered into a drawing for age appropriate gifts. Willy Wonka winners were: 0-2 years old, Vagda Schuster, Starbuck MN – Water Park Set; 3-4 years old, Corbin Carlson, Rutland – Race Game; 5-11 years old, 3 Winners: Eli Olson, Rutland – Blue Tooth Boom Box with Speaker; Brooklyn Pherson, Rutland – Frogger Video Game; Julia Mahrer, Rutland – Drone Flyer; The “Grand Prize Winners were: 0-1 year old, Bronson Heting, Napoleon ND – Stuffed Bunny Rabit; Dylan Gulleson, Rutland – Elephant Parade; Vagda Schuster, Starbuck MN – Little Girl’s Kitchen; 2 year old: Raegan Roney, Rutland – Little Girl’s Kitchen; Lincoln Mahrer, Rutland – T-Ball set; 3 year olds (3): Mia Leno, Wahpeton ND – Pony Land; Ruth McLaen, Rutland – Pony Land; Reece Halmrast, Rutland – Adventure Force Robot; 4 year olds (4) Keegan Dockter, Hugo MN – Gorilla; Marckus Gray Hawk, Fairmount ND – Superman Tower Garage; Natalie Hanson, Forman – Keyboard; Adalyn Mahrer, Rutland – Princess Kingdom; 5-7 year olds (5) Kyler Pherson, Rutland – Road Racing Set; Cohen Jensen, Wyndmere ND – Folding Spiderman Scooter; Brooklyn Pherson, Rutland – Nail Polish Maker; Chino Gray Hawk, Fairmount – Bee-ol-ogy learning Kit; Paislee Pherson, Rutland – 2 Little Treasure Dig Boxes; 8-11 year olds (2) William Kromschroader, Fisher SD – Camera Drone Flyer; and, Camden Bidle, Medina MN – 9” electronic Tablet. A special Grand Prize, a “Talking Rocking Horse,” was won by Mia Leno of Wahpeton. Debbie Banish of Rutland won the only adult prize, a pair of ceramic Easter Bunnies. Deb’s age bracket was not disclosed. About 100 parents, grandparents and other onlookers were on hand to observe all of the activity while enjoying a cup of coffee and a cupcake. A large, pink Easter Bunny who bore a striking resemblance to Jim Brown was also Making the rounds, visiting with kids and posing for pictures. The happy event ended on a down note, though, and with a challenge to the Rutland community. Jeanne Leinen announced that the 2019 Easter Egg Hunt would be her last as Chairperson, although she is willing to assist anyone who steps up to take over organizing the event. Jeanne states that the Easter Egg Hunt is several times larger than it was back in 2002, and she is now 18 years older than she was back then, too. The Rutland Community extends its thanks and appreciation to Jerry & Jeanne Leinen and their family for organizing and producing this event that has become an Easter tradition in Rutland. Thanks to Jeanne Leinen for the names of prize winners and the other information in this article.

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The Rooster Crows – June 8, 2018

By Bill Anderson

The 2018 crop is in the ground. Some local growers finished up planting operations this past week, while others have been done for a couple of weeks or more, but the crop is in, and most of it’s up. Being done planting isn’t necessarily all roses, though. Mike Walstead reports that he was going to put his planter into storage last week, but had to move his combine out of the shop in order to get the planter in. As he backed out with the combine, one of the extensions on the combine’s hopper caught the bottom panel of the overhead door on Mike’s shop, so now he has some door repair work to get done, too. A farmer’s work is never done! Weed control will be a primary activity for most producers during the month of June, and Jason Arth, manager of Northern Plains Ag at Cayuga reports that demand for chemicals and spraying services has been brisk. The old cultivators that used to take out a few rows of corn with the weeds once in a while are now rusting in the trees, replaced by huge sprayers that cover more acres in an hour than the old 4-row cultivator could get done in a week. For the next couple of months all eyes will be turned to the sky, wondering when that next rain will come. Well, .2 of an inch of rain, accompanied by thunder, lightning and wind, did arrive late on the evening of Friday, June 1. Readings were uniform throughout the Rutland area, with Paul Anderson and Norbert Kulzer in town, Randy Pearson to the north, Doug Spieker to the south and Mike Walstead to the west all reporting .2 of an inch in their rain gauges on Saturday morning. Roger Pearson reported that someone had turned his rain gauge upside down, so it registered 0, although the outside of the gauge was damp. The agreement among rain gauges ended on the morning of Wednesday, June 6, though, as the thunderstorm that roared through at about 2:00 o’clock that morning put .7 of an inch into Norbert Kulzer’s rain gauge, but only .62 of an inch into Roger Pearson’s gauge located only a few feet from Norbert’s. The Assembled Wise Men averaged out the various reports, though, and have awarded an even .65 of an inch to the entire area, except to Rick Bosse who only received .4 of an inch at his farm near Brampton. Rick plans to put more effort into rainfall production next time.

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The Rooster Crows – June 1, 2018

By Bill Anderson

All of that worrying about the lack of rain finally paid off early on the morning of Sunday, May 27, when Mother Nature kicked up her heels with a rip-roaring thunder and lightning show that was accompanied by an inch of rain in Rutland and its immediate vicinity. As is usual with thunder-storms, though, the coverage was not uniform. Randy Pearson reported .7 of an inch at his farm in Shuman Township, and Rick Bosse reported “nary a drop” at his farm home near Brampton. Brad Wyum also reported an inch of rain on the Wyum farm north of Rutland, but no rain at all on the land he and brother Tom farm near Guelph, in Dickey County. The Brampton and Guelph areas had received a .6-inch rainfall a week ago, though, when Rutland only got between .1 and .15 of an inch, so, what goes around comes around. Well, this won’t be the last rain that comes just in the nick of time, but it was the first one of this season, and it was sure welcomed by all, even though there were a few hailstones thrown in just to keep folks from getting over confident.

Janet Bradbury reports from the Warren Ranch near Rapid City SD that rain has even been falling in that normally arid region of our sister State. Janet reported via e-mail on Tuesday, May 29: “…I’m optimistic because it is raining here now, really nice slow soaker so far. Had 1.36 inches in last two days…” Thanks to Janet for the report, and congratulations to the ranchers in southwestern South Dakota, whose cattle will be dining on lush green grass for a while.

CORRECTION: Last week it was reported here that Jacob Mehrer, son of Shannon & Hilary Mehrer, was the only student from Rutland who would be graduating as a member of SCHS Class of ’18 on Sunday, May 27. That report was in error. There is another 2018 SCHS graduate of whom this community is equally proud. Also graduating from Sargent Central High School on Sunday, May 27, 2018, was Johnny Munch, son of Joe & Tammy Munch of this community. The Munch family resides at 315 Gay Street, and they have been Rutland citizens for about a year. The Rutland community extends congratulations to Johnny Munch, and to his parents, on his commencement from Sargent Central High School, and wishes him good fortune in his new endeavors. Our apologies to new graduate Johnny Munch, and to his family, for the oversight.

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Memorial Day Program

Those of us who are still breathing cannot repay the sacrifice made by those who fought for our freedom and who died in service to our country, but at the very least we must and can remember them. That’s exactly what Rutland did as part of its annual Memorial Day event. This year, the American Legion Bergman Evenson Post 215 held events at both the Nordland Lutheran Church cemetary and the Rutland Cemetary. Following visits to the cemetaries, more than 200 residents and visitors proceeded to City Hall for a short program. American Legion Members received member service awards:  Donald Donaldson and Milton McLaen received their 65 year awards, Norm Preble and Roger Nelson received 45 year member awards, and Andy Hoflen received the forty year member service award. Women’s Auxiliary President Sonja Christensen gave a thought-provoking speech. Musical entertainment included patriotic songs sung by local talent accompanied by Kathleen Brakke. Following the program a wonderful meal of scalloped potatoes and ham and a variety of salads and desserts was served.

Photos from the day’s activities have been posted on the Rutland, ND Facebook page.

Rutland Remembers Its Veterans

memorial-day-2008-005.jpgMemorial Day was cold and blustery, but that didn’t prevent the Bergman-Evenson Post 215 and it Legion Auxiliary from marching at the Nordland Lutheran Cemetery and the Rutland Cemetery to honor our veterans and auxiliary members laid at rest there.  Everyone was shivering and teeth were chattering and it was miserable being out in such weather, but it was only for about 15 minutes in each cemetery.  I couldn’t help but think of the conditions our veterans endured and still endure.  Whether it’s freezing cold, horrendous heat, lack of food or sleeping fitfully in a foxhole, in a tree or the hard ground, the veterans have and continue to do whatever it is that needs to be done to help keep our country free.  So, a total half hour of discomfort is the least we can do to honor them.

The Memorial Day program at the town hall was very moving.  One of our World War II veterans, Milton McLaen, went on the WDAY Honor Flight and he and his daughter, Karen Hornseth, gave a power point presentation on his trip.  I can only imagine what it was like for him to be among so many men and women who had gone through similar situations as he did and to be able to see the memorial that was finally erected for them.

The Legion presented several service pins.  Earl (Bill) Anderson, Larry Christensen, Andy Hoflen, Calvin Jacobson, Ted Lee, and Roger Nelson received 35 year pins.  Forty year pins went to John Hoflen, Roger Pearson and Norman Preble.  Clayton McLaen received a 55 year pin and Donald Donaldson and Milton McLaen received 60 year pins.  Three members of the Legion Auxiliary received pins as well.  Bonnie Anderson received a 25 year pin while Helen Sapa and Gwen Young received 60 year pins.

As usual the Community Club served a delicious dinner following the program.  Many former residents come back to Rutland for Memorial Day and this is a wonderful time of visiting and reminiscing.