The Rooster Crows – Jan. 14, 2022

By Bill Anderson

Old Man Winter tightened his grip on Thursday & Friday, January 6 & 7, providing those who love ice with some morning temperatures in the mid-20’s below Zero range, and not getting above Zero all day. Saturday’s high of +24 felt almost tropical, but it was only temporary, as the mercury plunged into sub-Zero territory again on Sunday & Monday. Warmer temps are predicted for mid-week, to be followed by a return of more frigid conditions. Well, it’s January in North Dakota, so what else is new? This information is provided just so those who are reading it while lounging on their patios at their winter residences in Arizona, Texas, Florida or some other warm & sunny location can be satisfied with their decision to head south for the winter. 

A brief “January Thaw” was experienced on Tuesday & Wednesday, January 11 & 12. The mercury soared all the way up to 37 above on Tuesday, with the warmer weather propelled by a 20-mph wind out of the south. Wednesday’s high only made it to +32, but that’s a lot better than -32. January weather is predicted to return by the weekend.

Snow, cold and Ice may be reasons for frowns and complaints from some, but snowmobile fans and ice fishing enthusiasts are grinning from ear to ear. With about 2½ feet of snow on the ground, and more where the wind has done its artistry, the entire countryside appears to be open to snowmobilers. After a couple of winters with little or no snow, though, some are still digging their snow cats out of the back of the shop or garage. The recent spell of sub-zero temperatures has given a great deal of depth and strength to the ice on area lakes, giving ice anglers the confidence to haul their insulated and heated ice castles out on local lakes and sloughs. Two fishermen trying their luck on one of the larger sloughs near Rutland reported that the ice was 18” thick, plenty of ice to hold the weight of a fishing house or a pickup truck. Anglers should still be cautious where the ice is covered by snow, though, as the insulating effect of the snow may have kept the ice a lot thinner. Just remember, even though it’s frozen, it’s still only water.

One ice angler reports that he was planning to relax in his fishing house with a mixed drink while waiting for the fish to bite when he realized that he had forgotten to bring ice cubes. Well, when you’re sitting on top of acres of ice, that’s no problem. So, he chipped out some ice cube sized chunks of ice and prepared to make his drink. Then he thought, “It’s still slough water, even if it’s frozen,” and he decided that the ice should be sterilized before using. He fired up his stove, filled a pot with water and heated it up to boiling temperature to get rid of any offensive germs and viruses. The sub-Zero chunks of ice were then dropped into the bubbling water. He states that the ice was so cold when he started that it was still frozen hard when he removed it from the pot. This fellow is currently looking for a job with a national political organization. For a fisherman, the “Big Lie” is small potatoes.

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The Rooster Crows – January 11, 2019

by Bill Anderson

We are now in the post-holiday season, when all of the fun and frivolity of the past 6 weeks is weighing heavily on our waistlines, if not on our consciences. Well, there’s a cure for that! The Board of Directors of the Rutland Fitness Center recently sent out notices that it’s time to pay annual dues, and to start working off all of those Thanksgiving and Christmas calories. Membership renewals are now due for the Rutland Fitness Center, the Directors have reminded us. Membership fees are $150.00 per year for an individual and $235.00 per year for a family membership. Membership fees may be sent to: RFC, PO Box 24, Rutland ND 58067. Members are asked to include their cell phone # so the new entry code can be sent to them. The code will change on January 12. Due to insurance requirements, minor children utilizing the Fitness Center must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. The Rutland Fitness Center is located in the American Legion Hall at 123 Gay Street in Rutland. It is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to members. At that price, the cost is about 3 cents an hour for a Family membership. A small price to pay for individual, family and community fitness and good health. Directors of the Rutland Fitness Center are: Ione Pherson; Lori McLaen; and Jennifer Christianson.

Sonja Christensen reports that, as of Monday, January 7, 41 teams of pinochle players had preregistered for the 24th Annual Rudy Anderson Pinochle Tournament that will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2019, in the Rutland Town Hall. One team that will be new to the tournament is a father-daughter combination from Grand Forks who read about the tournament on Rutland’s internet web site and then contacted Sonja to sign up. Sonja anticipates that another 21 to 25 teams will have registered before play begins on Ground Hog’s Day. The tournament, which is co-chaired by Sonja Christensen and Bryce Carlson, is sponsored by the Rutland Community Club. Continue reading “The Rooster Crows – January 11, 2019”

Hosting NDSU Bus Tour

ndsu-hanging-sign.jpg ndsu-dc-coston.jpgndsu-pam-gulleson.jpgIndsu-president-chapman.jpg   ndsu-caterers.jpg    It was green and gold everywhere when people stepped into the Rutland City Hall about 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday.  A team was preparing for the NDSU Bus Tour which was going to arrive a little before noon.  Carolyn Christensen had been asked to be one of the hosts and Stan and Betty Melroe, and Steve and Sheila Wyum, put finishing touches on the decorations. 

Four of NDSU’s coaches arrived (Tod Brown, head baseball; Don Larson, head men’s track; Darren Mueller, head softball and Saul Phillips (head men’s basketball) and the hosts had the opportunity to visit with them before the big bus arrived.  The bus arrived on time and the hosts were kept busy meetin’ and greetin’.  The decibal level in the room increased dramatically as people visited with each other. 

Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal that was provided by the Rutland General Store and the Rutland Cafe.  Even though I was hungry and the food tasted good, I was a little nervous about my presentation and wasn’t able to finish my food.

DC Coston emceed the short program.  Pam Gulleson, our local legislator in the House of Representatives, introduced President Joe Chapman.  He had all the NDSU staff introduce themselves and he talked about NDSU’s progress and future goals.  Saul Phillips spoke about being in Division I and how excited he is to be a part of a progressive university such as NDSU.  Then DC introduced Deborah Banish and Carolyn Christensen who made a brief presentation on Rutland’s involvement with the Horizons Program.  Deb developed the power point that was used and it was super.  If we were good, it was thanks to her skill with the computer.

After a short stop to check out the Rutland General Store and some picture taking, the bus  left on time for a tour of Dakota Micro near Geneseo and then on to the Bagg Farm for pie.

A lot was packed into the time frame of 11:40 to 1:40, but I am confident that everyone who was here with the NDSU entourage felt welcome and left with a positive image of Rutland.